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HOME (KITCHEN): Simple Minimalist Bowls & Plates I’m Loving! (Linked!)

AMAZON FINDS: Home & Kitchen (With Links That Include Promo Codes For Up To 80% OFF!)

AMAZON FINDS: Home & Decor Items Up To 80% OFF With My Links!

I’m an Amazon affiliate which means YOU all get great deals! These items are really cute and 80% OFF! Some of the discounts only last a few days so if you see something you like, snatch it up! If you want more than one… Continue Reading “AMAZON FINDS: Home & Decor Items Up To 80% OFF With My Links!”

My Home Wishlist (Sharing About My Living Situation, My Visions, And Furniture Links!)

Right now, I am helping my parents fix up a house that was abandoned. They purchased the house on auction almost a year ago and we have plastered walls, cleaned up the junk that was left, sanded, replaced windows, had a metal room installed,… Continue Reading “My Home Wishlist (Sharing About My Living Situation, My Visions, And Furniture Links!)”

DogMom Life: My Precious Pooch (Her Adoption Story)

It all started when I seen a 4 month old puppy with huge ears and an even bigger heart at the local Humane Society. I fell in love with her happy, playful personality and of course her gigantic ears. Have I mentioned her ears???!!!!… Continue Reading “DogMom Life: My Precious Pooch (Her Adoption Story)”

Devotional: Tea & Ministry

  You are supposed to let tea steep 3-5 minutes. If you let it steep longer, it starts tasting bitter. If you take it out too soon, the flavor isn’t strong enough to make a change to the hot water. We can learn a… Continue Reading “Devotional: Tea & Ministry”

Personal: Finding A Job

Resume Writing and Waiting… Jobs make life interesting. You pack up everything you own for a job. You move away from loved ones and family members for a job. You forfeit your comfort and familiarity for a job. You even make decisions around a… Continue Reading “Personal: Finding A Job”

Personal: The Fight Within A Millennial

  You have it all planed out. You graduated from high school. Big step. Now you can do anything and be anyone you want. Congrats. Now you finished college to learn all it has to offer so now its time for an internship, then… Continue Reading “Personal: The Fight Within A Millennial”

Artistry: 3 Cheap Creative Activities

  Pinterest is filled with great ideas but some of the pins can be expensive to actually create and if they don’t turn out like the picture, we get discouraged. One thing about millennials, is that they can be creative in ways to save… Continue Reading “Artistry: 3 Cheap Creative Activities”

Personal: Behind The Name

  Krystal’s Mind Blog If you know me, I get distracted easily and have lack of focus. I have one exception though. When I write, it helps me focus. There is something about seeing something in words that helps me stay on task. I… Continue Reading “Personal: Behind The Name”

Personal: 10 Ways Taylor Swift Inspires Me

     I am a pretty decent sized Taylor Swift fan. I liked her as soon as I heard her first hit, “Tim McGraw”. I remember wanting to go see her when her tickets were only $12 (now the cheapest ticket is around $90).… Continue Reading “Personal: 10 Ways Taylor Swift Inspires Me”

Personal: A Girl Out Camping (Proof I Survived On My Own Without A Man)

Day 1: Just Go I decided to go for it. Talk about last minute! I didn’t want to spend another night in a dark, cold basement watching Netflix like normal millennials. Tim to be adventurous! One of the best parts about being a single… Continue Reading “Personal: A Girl Out Camping (Proof I Survived On My Own Without A Man)”

Devotional: One Thing Everyone Needs To Know About Homeless

  I met a man named Carl today. He had a dog in his lap who’s name was Buddy. I was in Nashville, America’s soundtrack state, with my friends enjoying the music and walking down main street. That’s when I saw something. There was… Continue Reading “Devotional: One Thing Everyone Needs To Know About Homeless”

Personal: Millennial Travel Bucket List

  Every millennial has BIG plans to travel the world, has BIG dreams, and has BIG intentions. Yep, I am one of them. After hiking 45 miles on the Appalachian Trail and seeing Pictured Rocks in Upper Michigan, my adventure plans grew a few… Continue Reading “Personal: Millennial Travel Bucket List”

Personal: Most Emotional Status Update According To A Single Millennial

  Engagement Announcement You wake up and it seems to be a great day. You get ready and have a few minutes to spare so you get on your phone opening up the Facebook app to catch up with the lives of your friends… Continue Reading “Personal: Most Emotional Status Update According To A Single Millennial”

Personal: 10 Reasons Why I Started A Blog

Why did I start a blog? It really doesn’t make sense. Some may say it is a waste of time. Others may say it will never last. People lose interest in blogs and they are hard to keep up with because you forget to… Continue Reading “Personal: 10 Reasons Why I Started A Blog”

Personal: The Girl Behind The Blog

This is the excerpt for your very first post.