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Michigan: Adventure In Detroit (From Coffee Shop To Photoshop)

I grabbed a friend and we decided to go on an adventure to Detroit. We had 2 objectives: Go check out a coffee shop and find vintage, brick buildings to do some photography. Yah, I know, that’s the classic millennial moves right there! It… Continue Reading “Michigan: Adventure In Detroit (From Coffee Shop To Photoshop)”

Illinois: Exploring The Land Of The Bean

Coming to a screeching halt, the South Shore train slides into the Millennium Station in Chicago. Usually, we hit the restrooms up before venturing out to see “The Bean”, which is the prime attraction of Millennium Park. Cloudgate (“The Bean”) was created by Sir… Continue Reading “Illinois: Exploring The Land Of The Bean”

Michigan: Home Sweet Home

I live in “The Mitten” (aka Michigan) where Tim Allen is our official spokesperson for the Pure Michigan adds. They do a REALLY good job with their campaign. I’m serious! Listening to them makes me want to travel into the state, then I realize… Continue Reading “Michigan: Home Sweet Home”