Illinois: Exploring The Land Of The Bean

Coming to a screeching halt, the South Shore train slides into the Millennium Station in Chicago. Usually, we hit the restrooms up before venturing out to see “The Bean”, which is the prime attraction of Millennium Park. Cloudgate (“The Bean”) was created by Sir Anish Kapoor in 2004-2006. “The Bean” is made from steel plates made smooth that reflects everything around it making it beautiful. Majestic reflections of the sky and city fill every inch of the gigantic sculpture.


It’s common seeing person after person taking selfies in front of Cloudgate. I usually see it ever year and it always amazes me. Underneath The Bean is a whole new transformation. You can find endless reflections of yourself all throughout the sculpture. Ever play where’s Waldo? The Bean makes that fame a reality. If you are ever in Chicago, you will have to check it out!





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