You will find everything you need plus more! The categories all cover everyday information and fun you can use! From life with a dog, to fashion, to life hacks, to my everyday personal life!

STYLE & FASHION: Like what I’m wearing and want to know more? Wonder no more as I explain why I like wearing what I do?

FITNESS & PERSONAL TRAINING: I am a certified personal trainer through NASM (National Acadomy of Sports Medicine). I work at the local YMCA and part of my job is to help people stay healthy, give advice, and create personalized workouts depending on their goals.

HOMESTEAD: Clicking this tab will take you to discovering home decor, design, and accessories.

DOGMOM LIFE:  Being a dog mom is an adventure! Follow along with me and my adventurous rescue pupper, Huntlie (aka Hunbuns).

ARTISTRY: Being a creative person, I’ll be sharing some of my projects and tips in photography, videography, painting, drawing, and more!

DEVOTIONALS: I am a follower of Jesus and am called as a student ministry pastor. Here are some of my devotionals that will bring you closer to Christ.

LIFEHACKS: You will find little tricks that I’ve discovered along the way through life.

PERSONAL: Here you will get to know me by getting inside my mind a little bit. Subjects are random depending on what I’m facing in life and the celebrations along the way!