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What’s up everyone! I’m Krystal Kotesky, the one and only. For real, I’m the only Krystal Kotesky out there. I was born in 1992 and the world has never been the same since. I live in “The Mitten” (aka Michigan) where Tim Allen is our official spokesperson for the Pure Michigan adds. They do a REALLY good job with their campaign. I’m serious! Listening to them makes me want to travel into the state, then I realize I live there.

Anyways, I am ALL ABOUT cute, simple, casual, and affordable fashion with a touch of lifestyle blogging so you can share what goes on in my mind! I am totally into thrifting some unique pieces that would complete my outfits but I also love decent brands that won’t make you broke. Thank you sooooo much for following along with me on my journey and I hope I can help YOU because a fashionista with my simple, but stylish looks while giving you inspiration to create your own looks just by searching your closet or finding affordable pieces to treat yourself with!

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