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DOGMOM LIFE: Huntlie’s 3rd Birthday

“I can’t believe how time flys!” says every dog mom ever! That’s why I’m saying it because it seems like yesterday when I seen my Huntlie at the shelter! As some of you know, every year I take a photo of her in front… Continue Reading “DOGMOM LIFE: Huntlie’s 3rd Birthday”

6 Ways Of How I’m Like My Rescue Dog, Huntlie

Huntlie, my German Shepherd mix rescue pup, and I are quite a pair! We have LOTS of similarities! In fact, our dog sitter told me she acts JUST LIKE ME! We have similar personalities in so many ways that I thought would be fun… Continue Reading “6 Ways Of How I’m Like My Rescue Dog, Huntlie”

DogMom Life: Huntlie’s 2nd Birthday!

My precious “Hunbun” turned TWO and boy was she spoiled! I got her heart balloons, a new collar, treats, a homemade puppacino (foamed, warm milk), a new antler to chew, and our traditional photoshoot in front of the green doors in the local town… Continue Reading “DogMom Life: Huntlie’s 2nd Birthday!”

DogMom Life: Huntlie Turns ONE (Her birthday celebration!)

I wanted Huntlie to have a great first birthday so I decided to make it special by making her a dog cake, taking her to get a puppuccino at the local coffee shop, Infusco Coffee Roasters, letting her explore the town on a walk,… Continue Reading “DogMom Life: Huntlie Turns ONE (Her birthday celebration!)”

DogMom Life: My Precious Pooch (Her Adoption Story)

It all started when I seen a 4 month old puppy with huge ears and an even bigger heart at the local Humane Society. I fell in love with her happy, playful personality and of course her gigantic ears. Have I mentioned her ears???!!!!… Continue Reading “DogMom Life: My Precious Pooch (Her Adoption Story)”