6 Ways Of How I’m Like My Rescue Dog, Huntlie

Huntlie, my German Shepherd mix rescue pup, and I are quite a pair! We have LOTS of similarities! In fact, our dog sitter told me she acts JUST LIKE ME! We have similar personalities in so many ways that I thought would be fun digging deeper into in this blog post!

SIMILARITY 1: We both LOVE people!

Whenever Huntlie sees little kids playing or a person walking along the sidewalk, her tail starts wagging like crazy and she wants to walk up to them. She gets so happy when the person pets her and she has the biggest puppy smile!

I’m a people person as well! I hung out with youth all day yesterday and I get a kick out of it! They make me laugh so much and they are almost as crazy as I am! I also like meeting with people and getting to know them over coffee or a walk in nature. A smile similar to Huntlie’s crosses my face (just a little difference in the muzzle area! LOL)

SIMILARITY 2: We are blondies and shed a lot!

Being blonde is obvious just by looking at us, but our hair turns lighter in the summer and darker in the winter! Huntlie almost looks white since she loves sunning herself on our back deck. She is panting, but she chooses the sun over the nice shade to get that color!

We also shed A LOT! I have really thin hair because I am constantly loosing it! I loose a lot of hair in the shower and when I wear black tops, people come up and pluck the hairs I’ve lost off of me LOL Huntlie gives me a run for my money though! In just a couple of days, there are hair tumbleweeds that collect in the corners of the house! My little sweeper has a big job!

SIMILARITY 3: We both like to get the job done so we can get rewarded!

Whenever I have a treat for her to earn, she speeds through her tricks I’ve taught her! She knows how to bow, shake, sit, play dead, speak, and sit up (still working on the balance of sitting up, but she is almost there). Sometimes when she sees I have a treat, she speeds through every trick she knows to get it before I even tell her what to do!

I notice myself doing the same thing! I like to rush through my list of chores so I can earn myself some relaxation! At work, sometimes I complete tasks before anyone even says I need to get it done! At work, my reward is a paycheck, but I feel like Huntlie and I approach rewards the same way!

SIMILARITY 4: We play hard and sleep harder

Huntlie stretches and takes awhile to wake up, like me, but then she is filled with energy checking on everyone in the house and everything in the yard. After running for awhile, she usually takes a nap on the couch until it’s time to beg at lunch lol On walks, she pulls because she is so filled with energy! She wants to smell everything and trot around while doing it. I like it when we have to climb a hill because she is so good at helping me up. We are working on containing that energy and she is improving on the pulling, but man, can she go! Chasing birds and squirrels up trees is one of her most fun hobbies lol Recently, I’ve rode my bike with her and she keeps up with me pretty well! She plays hard! Every night, She sleeps in my bed and once she is out, she is out. I can pet her and she doesn’t even move. Sometimes she has crazy dreams and her legs and lips twitch lol

I’m so much like her! During the day, I’m constantly on the go! Whether I’m driving youth around, at one of my jobs, or going around finding deals at stores, I’m always going! Sometimes people can’t keep up with me and have to take a break. I think that is why I’m always late because I’m trying to fit in too much in one day lol When night comes around, once I fall asleep, I’m out! I’m such a heavy sleeper that the smoke alarm randomly went off during the night one day and I didn’t even know it went off. My family was Talking about it the next morning and I was so confused LOL

SIMILARITY 5: We like to cuddle and stay warm!

During the winter, we either have the fireplace going or a little space heater. You can find Huntlie curled up by whichever one is running, warming herself while taking her nap. It’s so cute how she warms herself! At night, she finds the fluffiest, warmest blanket on my bed to lay her head on. She LOVES fleece blankets and rubs her muzzle in them to make herself comfy! I have a thin little blanket in her crate I got from a plane and I can tell it just isn’t the same for her!

I have a fleece blanket in pretty much every color! Even in the summer, I love wrapping myself in all the blankets and make a little nest for myself to stay warm and cozy! There are times when people think no one is in my bed since I’m hidden under so many blankets! Also, after work, whether its summer and the AC freezes me out or winter and the chilly temps freeze me out, I blast the heat in my car to thaw my bones! Whenever my boyfriend is available, I also cuddle with him or take a really hot shower and that works too!

SIMILARITY 6: We stay positive and show our happiness

We both have BIG SMILES! The simplest things make us happy like taking walks or seeing wildlife. We constantly wear our smiles while doing the simplest forms of entertainment. We get excited over the smallest things in life. We show our excitement when she sees her “brothers” (my mom and dad’s dogs she lives with) and when I see my boyfriend who lives 3.5 hours away! When days get rough, I feel like we always find something to make us happy whether it’s nudging my hand to get another pet or coming home from a stressful day to play with her on the rug. When I fight through depression, she licks away my tears and when she looks sad waiting for me to finish a project, I comfort her by rubbing her belly. We always find some way to help each other through and keep going!

One of my favorite parts about being a quarantine, was that I was able to stay home with my pup every day! As you can tell, I LOVE my pupper!


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