DogMom Life: Huntlie Turns ONE (Her birthday celebration!)

Huntlie at 4 months (Around the time I first got her)
Huntlie at ONE year old!

I wanted Huntlie to have a great first birthday so I decided to make it special by making her a dog cake, taking her to get a puppuccino at the local coffee shop, Infusco Coffee Roasters, letting her explore the town on a walk, having her eat cake with her 2 brothers, and lots of birthday kisses!

I found a recipe on Pinterest for a dog-friendly cake. which I’ve included the link to because I loved the way it turned out! It was a apple, peanut butter, and honey cake that was delicious and moist! (Yes, I tried it myself!) To see the other pins I found on dog cakes that I want to try in the future, click HERE!

Making my first dog- friendly cake!
Cooper, Huntlie, and Buddy celebrating together!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Am I going overboard??!! Did you try making your pup’s birthday special? What do you do for your dog? What are your dog- friendly cake recipes?

and lastly…

Would you like to see a VLOG about the day behind the pictures?! (I took footage just in case it would an unanimous YES!)

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