Canada: Falling For Niagara (Weekend Exposition of Niagara Falls in the Winter)

I’ve been to Canada for a ski trip at Searchmont Resort, but Niagara Falls blew that out of the water! (Get it! lol) Staying on the Canadian side, we were able to take in the majestic beauty.

It all started when I mentioned on the phone to my boyfriend, Kameron, that I’ve never been to Niagara Falls but wanted to go at some point in my life. He also had never been there. Almost a month later, he said an idea popped in his head for a birthday present for me. I was thinking along to lines of a new plant to add to my collection for a great present but he surprised me when he asked how I felt about him taking me to Niagara Falls! I couldn’t believe it! Best birthday present ever! After that, I looked forward to turning 27 years old!

Road Tripping

After loading the car with luggage and our veins with coffee, we headed out around 8am with excitement. Since Kameron lives 3 hours away from me in Terre Haute, Indiana, I looked forward to being with him in the car for 7.5 hours.

While living in Clarkston, Michigan for my 3 year internship at Clarkston Community Church, I made some good friends that I met up with and introduced to Kameron. We spent some time at my best friend Paula’s house and then met up with the rest of the gang at Honcho, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Clarkston that serves mexican street food on one side and also has a coffee shop on the other end. Their decor is astonishing and I could stare at it all day lol There were 6 of us gathered at a table (Alexis, me, Kameron, Sarah, and her husband Tommy) and I had to order the Brussels Burrito, which is my fav. The time we had together was happy and I loved every second. We couldn’t stay long and left for the boarder soon after.

They let us pass and after 3 more hours of driving, we made it to Lake Ontario which was super windy!

The View

The first night was at Marriott On The Falls in a spectacular hotel with a great view of the falls. We first saw them at night since we didn’t arrive to Canada until the sun set but they still amazed the socks off us! I couldn’t wait to adventure up close to the powerful falls!

The next morning, we dressed in our matching flannels to eat at the breakfast buffet the hotel offered. Great view to wake up and drink coffee with!

The room at the Marriott overlooking the falls
Marriott On The Falls all packed up ready to explore the city!

We took an Uber to the Airbnb we were going to stay at for the next 2 nights (Pictures of airbnb will be included in this blog post) so we could drop off our luggage, then went to Skylon Tower to eat our lunch. It was a grand four star restaurant that spun once every hour so those dining can enjoy the whole view while eating! Moving at a slow pace, we did not feel dizzy whatsoever.

Skylon Tower (Revolving 4 star restaurant), Canada
View of Niagara Falls from Skylon

Kameron went all out for my birthday lunch! We dressed up, ordered from the finest menu, chewed with our mouths closed, sat up straight, and acted like the adults we were. I ordered smoked salmon from the lakes of Canada and Kameron had Escargot (Snails). I ended up trying some of his snails. I was a little hesitant at first, but they ended up being really tasty! I thought they would be really slimy but the chefs did well and cooked them in a garlic butter which made them delicious! They were super tender and I would have them again!

Smoked salmon at Skylon Tower
Escargot- The first time I ever tried eating snail!
Dining at Skylon
The powerful, majestic niagara falls! We ate our lunch to this view! I couldn’t stop looking at them the whole time except when I was trying the snail!
Complementary birthday cheesecake which was the best I’ve ever had!
For some reason, I just really like this picture…even though it shows I get distracted easily!

After experiencing a fantastic meal, we changed clothes and explored the falls close! Seeing it from above was so good that I knew I would go crazy seeing them up close and personal!

The Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada to the US (We didn’t take the way through Detroit so didn’t get to drive on it but enjoy it from our hike)
Can you see the rainbow!!???
The US viewing deck for the falls
Me, Kameron, Alex, and Libby (The other couple we went with)
A puddle I put my feet in from Niagara Falls!
The falls at night!

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