DOGMOM LIFE: Huntlie’s 5th Birthday

I’m late in sharing this, but I wanted to keep up the tradition of taking Huntlie’s birthday photos every year to see how she grows up!

There’s something about this year when Huntlie turned 5 years old that hit different. I realized in dog years, my dog is now older than I am. Her passing me up in years really gives me random pings of reality that one day she won’t be by my side and greeting me at the door. She is the most ideal dog you could ask for. She roams the house and doesn’t get into anything. She cuddles and is always there for me. She really is my unofficial support animal.

I remember thinking when I first got her if the “newness” of getting her would ever wear off. After 5 years, it hasn’t and I always look forward to coming home to her. Those of you who have dogs probably have experienced the same thing.

Even though I worry about losing her, I don’t want that to spoil our time together. She still has so much life in her. I don’t notice anything as far as aging in her since she still acts like a puppy, but this birthday made me really want to cherish our time together. She doesn’t like when I’m on my phone too much and knudges me. When she does that, I now put it down and get on the floor with her to play.

This wasn’t meant to be sad, but it kinda turned out sentimental. I guess that’s ok sometimes. Out of all the dogs I’ve lived with, she is special since she was my first dog I’ve called mine. The others I shared with my family so she I’d my first baby.

I do feel bad because her birthday fell when I was busy and didn’t get to take her to get a puppacino or make her a cake. I did buy her some new toys and treats, then took her to the beach before it officially opened so she could climb the sand dune and have a little photoshoot! It just wasn’t exactly on her birthday. I guess I spreaded it put longer!

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