BEAUTY: My Makeup (What I’m Using Right Now And Loving)

My Skin Type (For Reference)

To give you a little background on my skin type, I struggle with acne pretty bad and need breathable makeup that doesn’t clog pores, but still hides my scars and current breakouts. I also have larger pores and dry skin. It’s been a hard road to travel, but I’ve been using some of these products for years and love them. I try to use products that can be easily bought at your local stores so they arnt hard to find.


I love the Artis makeup brushes because they give you that airbrushed look due to their very dense bristles. They are also supposed to use less product since they spread them so nice across your face. They can be pricy if you don’t get them on sale but there are cheaper dupes out there that get close.


I have used the L’Oreal infallable total coverage foundation for years and it’s the best I’ve ever bought in my whole life! Sadly, I went to multiple stores recently when I needed more and they replaced it with a squirt glass bottle that doesn’t cover how I like. It’s ok if you just want a little coverage, but I’m returning it. I ended up going to Ulta and finding a similar fountain I like just as well, if not better than the one I had. The Ulta Beauty Full Coverage Foundation is also in the tube and is very smooth going on. It does have a full coverage and even gives me an airbrushed look! My followers on Instagram even commented saying they noticed my makeup looking nicer.


I have a few products I really like for contouring. Usually, I put on a lighter foundation so I look like pale almost so I use a little contouring to bring back some color and life into my face.

I’ll share the product I’ve been using for years first. The Wet ‘n Wild mega glow contouring palette. I’ve gotten this product at Walmart and Ulta both when I needed another palette. It’s every inexpensive as well! I like how it looks natural and neutral, while still giving you that tan look in the right places. I usually use my makeup brush and put a little brown on my cheeks, jaw, and hairline. I don’t use much of the left side unless I want a little lighter coloring around my eyes, top of nose, and chin.

I just discovered the Pixi On-The-Go Bronzer Stick that I instantly loved as soon as I swiped it across my cheek bones. I use my brush to blend it in a bit, but I could use a finger to rub it in a tad as well since it pretty much applicated as soon as it’s applied, which is nice. It gives me a nice color and I love how easy it is to apply! If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll use this instead of the contour palette.


The pink blush is all the rage right now on Tiktok. I personally think they are using way too much and makes it look like they’ve been out in the cold too long, but I do like that it gives a little color in your cheeks to give a more youthful look. I really like the blush sticks since it makes it so much easier to apply. My ultimate favorite blush such is the Ilia Multi-Stick because it’s supposed to be a clean makeup and comes in a more muted blush color. It also stays on longer than the other blush products I’ve tried. Plus, it’s so EASY! It is a little pricy if you don’t catch a sale, but I would buy this product again. Also, I love the packaging! You can use this stick for lips as well, but I don’t because I don’t want to “waste” the stick when I use moisturizer on them all ready.

Another blush I like to use if I’m looking for a brighter color is the Pixi On-The-Go Blush Stick. I like the wider mouth of the applicator. Glides right on and as you need more, it operates just like a deodorant with a twist of the bottom piece. Picked mine up from Target.


I just started using this concealer and I do like it because it glides on better than my other concealer I had. It feels soft like a cream. It isn’t really thick and doesn’t get “cakey” throughout the day. I put it on my brush and apply it that way instead of putting it directly around my eyes like I used to with my other concealer. It doesn’t have a wand applicator, being on a tube, and I haven’t decided if I like that or not. I spent the money on it, so I will use it until it’s gone since it does do a good job. I haven’t used it long enough to highly recommend it, but it’s good.


Big, fluffy brows are in right now, but I have blonde, thin ones. I don’t want super bold brows because I feel like they are distracting and I don’t want them to be the first thing people see when they look at my face. With that being said, I do want them to show just a little more, so I use a brown eyeliner crayon to lightly add some thickness to them. Nothing too drastic. Does the trick!


I start with a retractable black eyeliner canyon and line the outer half of my eyelid (not the whole top of my eye since that makes eyes look smaller).

I come in next with mascara. I absolutely love the IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara! I just discovered it and it was love at first use! I thought my eyelashes fell out until I used this mascara! The wand must be magic because it found and colored lashes I didn’t even know I had! If you apply a double layer, it looks like you have false lashes! The wand fits nice in your hand and is lightweight so you can glide it even easier. It is a tad more expensive than your average mascara, but this one is worth the extra few dollars for what it does for your lashes! Usually, mascaras last me forever so I’m glad I decided to try it! Comes in a smaller size in case you just want to test it out, but I almost guarantee you will be impressed! I picked mine up from Target.

On days I want to add a slight winged eyeliner, I will use my ELF liquid eyeliner. The thin brush is perfect for creating a little wing on the outside of my eye. I usually travel over the black crayon and make a strait line and travel upward to form a wing lined up with my lashes. I haven’t actually needed this liner because the mascara I’m using makes my lashes so big, I can’t even see the little wing. I don’t make my wings that long because I’m not a fan of super bold makeup. For the $3 bottle, it adds a little extra boost!

I’m really liking these makeup products and thought I would share my favorites with you all. I use all of these products on a daily basis when I get ready every morning so I thought I would update my favorites. I know I don’t like spending a lot on makeup unless I know it works, so hopefully this helps some of you all discover some good ones! If you have to choose one product above, I would go with the mascara. It’s fire!

If you would like a tutorial on how I do my makeup using these products, I will be sharing on my Instagram stories and saving them in a highlight. Find me on Instagram by searching @krystalsmindblog

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