Personal: Recovering From 2022 And Receiving 2023

Hi. It’s me. The me who is taking on the world at the ripe beginning of the 30s club. It’s the middle of January (when I’m writing this) and I can finally say that I’m gaining my deep, true happiness back after 2022 left me numb and somewhat lifeless just trying to stay composed. If you missed the one time I briefly touched on it in my Instagram stories, my parents, after 32 years of marriage, got a divorce. No one saw it coming. Parents have disagreements, but they stick it out. My dad didn’t want to stick it out anymore. He left without explanation, leaving us all to fill in the blanks of where it all went wrong. Even my mom was thrown off guard. I can’t even wrap my head around the question of WHY. I don’t have that answer still to this day, but I’m starting to focus on all those I do have in my life, instead of the one who isn’t. We can’t control what others do, we can only control how we respond. This mindset has helped me move on from trying to understand and gain a thirst for how my years ahead will be great.

In this coming year, something almost magical happened. Magical isn’t the right word. Miraculous, straight from God. I wrote myself a letter last year when I couldn’t shake this dark cloud above me. It was a prayer. I asked God for a friend. I totally forgot I even asked. I was specific in the letter too. I wanted a friend to be my age and be able to effortlessly hang out with and talk with. I opened that letter a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t put it down. Turns out, I gained a friend in the midst of the hardship last year. They reached out to me totally out of the blue. I was reluctant. I was curious. I was suspicious. What it’s turning into is a great friendship that has helped me through 2022 and look forward to 2023. All I can say is God showed up and I’m belly laughing again like I did in college.

I also started out 2023 with a challenge to improve body, mind, and soul. I’ve been trying to go on more walks with my dog, even though it’s cold, to improve body. Once it gets warm, I plan on running more on the sidewalks in my town. For mind improvement, I want to read at least 5 books this year. That’s around 3 more than last year. As you can tell, I’m not a reader. I got a Kindle for my birthday last year and I’m loving how it’s encouraged me to keep reading. I thought it would operate as a dust collector after a month, but I can say that it hasn’t reached that place yet. I’m starting out reading Verity by Coleen Hoover because it’s supposed to be a gripping book. I can say it is, now that I’m in the 3rd chapter. I also want to finish Atomic Habits as well. I’ve been applying some handy tips from that book. Spiritually, I try to open my Bible app everyday in some capacity whether it’s to read Ephesians, the book I’m starting off reading, read over notes I’ve taken throughout the week, or study a Bible plan. The Jesus Calling devotional books are also my favorite that I’m diving into. Also, I am incorporating deep prayer into my daily routine by surrendering my heart to Him and praying to LIVE out my light to a particular group of people God placed on my heart and life.

Now onto work. I have my dream schedule, I would say, by working three full days a week with some scattered hours on the other days. I work 35 hours at the church as an associate pastor and have 2 cleaning jobs that are a bit easier than the one I used to have. I clean 2 days a week at the one cleaning job and only once a week at the second location. These jobs are perfect for me due to the flexibility and the talents I have. My blogging and influencing doesn’t bring in much, but maybe one day I would be able to say goodbye to cleaning. Here is the shameless plug to follow my blog and Instagram (@krystalsmindblog) so I can gain more jobs! That is what is holding me back. I don’t have enough followers to really make it in a part time capacity right now and it’s extremely hard to grow organically on Instagram right now. I still plan on keeping the content rolling though because I think it’s fun! I’m a creative nut!

I’ve been gaining a love for blogging and journaling again so another area I want to strive in is updating this blog more. I want to invest in this cozy area of the internet as my space to write out feelings, ideas, and invite you all into more of my life in hopes we become close and I can help in ways to inspire you all in this journey we call life. I don’t want you to be alone in this life. Somehow, I pray God uses this for good.

This is a glimpse of what I’m striving for so far in 2023. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a start. I wanted to strive for realistic, simple life improvements that will eventually lead to change. I have to watch myself because I can get lazy. There is a whole world that needs a piece of my positive, energetic light. It’s unique and keeping it to myself isn’t fair. I want to share it with all of YOU 🙂

Thank you to you all for being there. For staying when I’ve gone dark on social media and on my blog. When life moved on without my awareness. When my Instagram stories had no pink ring around them letting you know I was alive. When all I wanted to do is stare at the ceiling in hopes everything would go back to “normal” if I prayed hard enough. When it seemed like days just faded away with no meaning. When I stopped posting photos of smiles and laughs. You all stayed and I’m grateful to have you all. Most of you had no idea what was going on, but you waited for me to come back.

Hi, here I am. I’m alive. I’m ready for 2023. The good. The bad. The laughs. The fun. Life is too short to waste being stuck in the past. Let’s move forward together! Are you ready????

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