DOGMOM LIFE: Huntlie’s 4th Birthday

I thank God for my pup, Huntlie every single day. You can ask God if you don’t believe me. Huntlie tag teams with Him to bring joy to my everyday life. They have gotten me through a lot this year. That’s right, Huntlie turned 4 years old year, today, in fact. As she gets older, I tell her she can’t die. I forbid it. If anyone has a dog, they can relate. Anyone else give their dog this same command?

If you’ve read my other dog mom posts, you know that I rescued Huntlie (Hunbun) when she was a 4 month old, big eared pup! She still has those big ears, but my love for her grows. Without her, I wouldn’t be living on my own in fear of being by myself. Without her, I would be talking to myself a while lot more. Without her, my feet would get cold and I would have a bigger heat bill!

This past year, Huntlie learned some new tricks, on top of the ones she all ready mastered like bowing, playing dead, sit, stay, lay, and other basic tricks! She learned how to spin, balance a treat on her nose, then catch it when I release her, give me a kiss, dance, high five, and sit up (she is slowly learning how to balance, but still falls over a bit and cant hold it for long). She learned most of those in a day! I’m running out of tricks to teach her! If you know of any cool things to have her try, let me know!

When Huntlie gets bored, she usually sits, stares at me while wagging, then lets out a little rumbling bark to get me up to play. She loves it when we play fetch hide and seek. I throw her ball up the stairs and while she is fetching it, I hide. She quickly forgets about the ball, drops it, and searches for me. She knows my usual places I hide now, but it’s so fun for her! Plus, I hear it stimulates their minds!

She’s also walked many sidewalks and trails with me through the small town of Buchanan as well. It’s funny that she pays extra attention to the people holding their white bags as they leave the cannabis stores laced through the town as we walk by. The guards always give us a greeting as we pass by and sometimes Huntlie gets a petting. She doesn’t like staying long though because she knows we usually head to the park.

Something I’m going to work harder in her training is not to pull so hard on the leash. On the way back to the house, she tends to walk slower probably because she doesn’t want our walk to end. I’m trying to keep her focus on where I want to go, rather than where she wants to go. The germon shepherd in her wants to sniff every blade of grass and light pole!

Recently, she has been coming with me to work since 3 days a week I tend to work around 10 hour days. My parents have a house in Florida so they travel there quite a bit. Since I pass their house to get to work at the church, they let me drop Huntlie off for the day so she doesn’t have to be alone or confined in an office. She loves people so when she comes to hang at the church, she gets unlimited pets!

Every morning I cuddle and kiss her in her eyeball crease as the sun glimmers through the blindes. Burying my face in her fur, I start the day out with gratitude! Thank you for giving me a pup. The perfect pup for me! Looking forward to another year with her enjoying her company and companionship!


Our tradition is to have a birthday photoshoot in front of this green door in Sawyer every year! The owners of the building replaced the wooden vintage green door that’s in the first two photos with a black one, so we went around the building to the other side that has a door painted the same color, but not as vintage looking. Same building and color, different door. Here are all her photos throughout the years:


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