This cute bodysuit is perfect to layer and pair with overalls!

I’m such a fan of woodland animals, especially foxes and squirrels! One of my favorite bloggers, Noelle Downing, designed and created this bodysuit! The colors of this sweater also match my favorite yellows, browns, and oranges I incorporate in my outfits!

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Here are 6 ways to style this sweater along with tips and ideas to incorperate in your own looks!


Pairing this bodysuit with plain colored sweats and a leather purse creates a great look for a trip to the grocery store or other quick errands! You can also throw on a denim jacket on top and elevate the look to the next level!


The next outfit is more of a classy look with the peach colored skort that looks like a skirt! I love how it looks with tights and a great leather purses! My purse is actually a Chloe dupe and puts the finishing touch on the outfit! The gold chain the purse has ties in my layered necklaces! They tie the whole look together and thought out!


Being a bodysuit, the sweater is PERFECT to pair with overalls, shortalls, and dresses! The yellow dress compliments the oranges and browns in the sweater so well! Of course, I had to bring out my fox purse I got for my birthday last year! This would be a great look for spring with the bright colors and lightweight sweater.


I try to incorporate darker colored outfits in my styling looks as well for those who like to have a black base. I usually lean towards a brown base for my looks, but I love the faded gray straight leg jeans! Straight leg jeans are the new trend this year! The quilted, black purse with the gold detail brings the casual outfit to life!


Having a denim skirt in your closet is such a great piece to have in your closet! Once the warmer weather hits, it is a great replacement for regular jeans! I love this one with the buttons and pockets for something different! I thrifted the green, vintage purse, which has the gold chain that looks great with the sweater!


I love pairing overalls with printed pieces since overalls tend to cover most of the top. Since the fox print is all over the sweater, you can still see the foxes! For example, I have a sweater with just the head of a fox, but if I wore that with a pair of overalls, the bib would cover the face of the fox and you would only be able to see the tips of the ears. This is why I tend to go with printed pieces when I wear my overalls. Just something to consider. I usually ask myself with buying pieces, “Will this look good with overalls?” before making a purchase, since I wear them quite a bit. This is such a cute look that you can create with ANY printed top! My “academic bag” also add more interest to the outfit and also has the perfect colors to bring out the colors in the fox print because, let’s be honest, the foxes are the main attraction!

Which look is your favorite and why??? Leave me a comment below! It’s always fun hearing from you all!

Photo above by Noelle Downing (noellebynoelle.com)

To shop this NOELLEBYNOELLE fox print bodysuit, tap HERE

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