DOGMOM LIFE: Huntlie’s 3rd Birthday

“I can’t believe how time flys!” says every dog mom ever! That’s why I’m saying it because it seems like yesterday when I seen my Huntlie at the shelter! As some of you know, every year I take a photo of her in front of the same door, starting when she was 4 months old when I first took her home. We almost share the same birthday so we celebrated together this year! I was taking birthday photos and Huntlie decided she wanted in too (most likely to get closer to the cookies LOL)!

This winter, her coat turned the darkest it’s ever been! It also snowed more than it ever has since I got her so maybe that has something to do with it? We have both gone through some changes this year. We moved into our own place! To be honest, I would have been too scared to move without her. I’m so used to having people around sharing a house with 5 other people sharing one bathroom and being homeschooled all 12 grades, that living alone didn’t sound too appealing and weird. Huntlie changed that!

With those big, beautiful ears she has, Huntlie hears everything going on and only barks when something is going on. She turned into my personal guard dog now that she realizes this is her home now. When we lived with my parents, she would just stare out the window when someone came over, now she barks and lets me know when something is happening.

As she cuddles next to me while I’m typing this, I’m so glad I have her for another amazing year! She really is one of my best buds! So glad I don’t have to come home to an empty house and get to play our famous game, we call, “fetch hide and seek” (I throw her toy up the stairs and while she is fetching it, I hide and she tries to find me). I played that with her all evening on her birthday with her! I also got her a Kong frisbee, which she has been playing with A LOT! It flys really well and is made of a rubber material!

Enjoy the collection of photos taken every year below! As you might be able to tell, the first door was torn down now, so we use the door around on the other side of the building that’s painted the same color as the original. It’s the same building though!

Huntlie at 3 years
Huntlie at 2 years
Huntlie at 1 year
Huntlie at 4 months

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