Michigan: Home Sweet Home

I live in “The Mitten” (aka Michigan) where Tim Allen is our official spokesperson for the Pure Michigan adds. They do a REALLY good job with their campaign. I’m serious! Listening to them makes me want to travel into the state, then I realize I live there. Click Here to watch a clip.

Growing up in Michigan and only living 10min from the shores of Lake Michigan, I was spoiled more than I realized.

  Many kayaking trips were made on local rivers around Michigan. 

St. Joseph, MI

One of the best places to take pictures is in St. Joseph, Michigan because of the classic lighthouses, pretty beaches, and mighty waves. Many photographers go crazy taking pictures of this particular lighthouse (below)!

Silver Beach (St. Joseph, MI)

There are little, hidden beaches all down Lake Michigan where you find interesting particles in the sand and water!

Glass found on a secluded Michigan beach

Spending time looking at the views as the sun sinks below the waves as a wonderful past time Michiganders who live near the lake enjoy!

Shark free lake

Warren Dunes State Park is one of my favorite beaches that I grew up exploring. From diving into the blue waves to running down the dunes, I’ve enjoyed spending hours at the park.

Warren Dunes State Park
Huntlie exploring the beach grass in the dog section at Warren Dunes
Beach hiking at Warren Dunes State Park, Michigan

Going from summer to winter, you are never bored with the beauty Michigan displays. From prickly evergreens to the vibrant fall colors of the maple leaves, Michigan continues to leave me in splendor.

Winter in Michigan
Pictured Rocks, Upper Michigan in the fall

State parks are sprinkled with beach grass surrounded by the astonishing amount of rippled sand that form the most beautiful dunes. Almost every state park along Lake Michigan have dunes to climb and of course the salt and shark free water to swim until your heart is content.

Empire Bluff, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan
Sleeping Bear Dunes, Empire Bluff, Michigan
Lake Superior, Upper Michigan

I camped for the first time in Michigan where memories were made in tents and around camp fires.

Camping at Metamora- Hadley State Park

Fields spread across the Michigan soil mainly containing a soybean or corn harvest.

Fields in the Michigan winter behind my home

Coffee shops line the coast and I’ve enjoyed the freshly made cold brew at Infusco Coffee Roasters in the summer, enjoying the atmosphere along with wonderfully made cappuccinos from Honcho, a great Chai Latte at Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters, and also trying out locally sold coffee from our major stores in the area.

Coffee found in a local Meijer in Stevensville, Michigan
Fresh cold brew at Infusco Coffee Shop in Sawyer, Michigan (not far from the lake and near my home)
Enjoying a cappuccino with a friend at Honcho in Clarkston, Michigan
Latte art at Dessert Oasis

Michigan has some cities that I like to visit, especially for the creative shots I can take as a photographer! I’ve visited plant conservatories in Grand Rapids and Detroit, which were astonishing to me as a plant lover as well! Michigan never stops surprising me!

Sculpture in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan
Belle Isle Plant Conservatory in Detroit, Michigan

Michigan will always be my place, no matter where life may take me. From lakes to cities, I’m happy to call Michigan home.

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