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Want to be comfy, stay warm, and look nice at the same time? Whenever I dress for a regular day, I want to look stylish but stay comfortable at the same time.


I’m very picky when it comes to the vast varieties of jeans out there. Having a little stretch in my jeans with a bit of room without sacrificing my figure can be tricky to find.  Not too tight. Not too baggy. Not too constricting. The list goes on. When it comes to jeans with a high waist, I definitely want stretch so they don’t cut into my skin when I sit. I really enjoy wearing my sage green high waisted skinny H&M jeans complete with body shaping technology.  The color attracted my eye. The high waist feels firm, but stretches easily making it button like a charm. The material almost feels like velvet making all my other jeans seem like sandpaper! Lastly, the body shaping design never made me look so uniform without the aggressive tightness. I went back for a chalkboard gray pair after a week of wearing my sage pair because I liked them so much! I will definitely wear them until they literally fall off me.

Crop Top

Here I am wearing a cute, burnt orange daisy printed crop I found at Forever 21 which is loose fitting and tucks easily into my sage green high waisted jeans. It is the perfect length for tucking into high waisted pants which usually tends to be problematic for me since I’m not a fan of much skin showing in the winter months here in Michigan.

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Now for the sweater! American Eagle Outfitters rarely disappoints when it comes to sweaters! You will notice many blog posts with me wearing an American Eagle sweater or cardigan because they are the coziest pieces of clothing I’ve ever slid my arms into! I don’t know what yarn they used to create this baby, but it feels like a cloud mixed with down feathers and silk. I like the textured look it offers the eye which the holes.


Shopping at T. J. Maxx can leave you with surprises! These faded, suede ankle boots by _______ left me confident they were meant to be in my closet. They have a slightly pointed toe that still leaves enough room for your toes. I would suggest wearing socks, but I’ve worn them without any before and lasted all day without any rubbing, which is good for a boot. These are my go-to ankle boots whenever I know that I’ll be doing a lot of walking but still want my feet to look cute!

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  1. Off to TJ Maxx now for some cute shoes . . . I’m with you on the pants debate. Currently on the search for perfectly shaped pants that allow movement AND maintain a fitted look. Just bought a pair of skinny cords today, so wish me luck as I test their comfort tomorrow.

    1. Yah, its so hard finding the perfect pair! I’m thinking about checking out Madewell high waisted skinny jeans. My favorite blogger can’t say enough great things about them so they are making my curious! I’ll let you know what I think of them once I scrape up the money to try them. Cords are in! Where did you order them from? Let me know if you like them! I would love hearing about them! Love discovering new brands!

      1. Well, the pants were uncomfortable and gaped in front so I am returning. No cords for me. They were Free People and on sale at Macys – maybe give them a try if you’re of an average height. I’m just not the right size for a lot of that brand.
        Madewell jeans are supposed to be great! I only have a dress from them, and it’s kind of whatever, but jeans are their selling point. I would have to try a pair in store then buy used on eBay, because I definitely can’t afford them new. Do you have a Madewell nearby?

      2. That’s too bad! I got a pair of overalls from Free People that I really like! I plan on blogging about them.

        I bought 2 pairs of Madewell jeans off of the Mercari app and I love them! Super comfy and the one pair slims my legs which impressed me! A blog is in the making for them!

      3. Also, thanks for letting me know about your cords. Glad you remembered! I do not have a Madewell store nearby, but I took a chance ordering online and love them!

      4. No surprise there – everyone raves about Madewell jeans, haha. I need to get myself into their shop and try some for myself. I’m discovering how good quality jeans are worth the money. I recently found some A|G jeans and they’re just amazing on me and feel so much better than cheaper brands. Also I want to see these overalls you have! Have you posted them yet?
        I’ll go take a look around your blog 🙂

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