Michigan: Adventure In Detroit (From Coffee Shop To Photoshop)

I grabbed a friend and we decided to go on an adventure to Detroit.

We had 2 objectives: Go check out a coffee shop and find vintage, brick buildings to do some photography.

Yah, I know, that’s the classic millennial moves right there! It was worth the stereotyping though because we had a great time on our adventure!

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

If you live anywhere near or in Detroit and are a millennial, you’ve most likely heard of Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters. While living almost 4 years in Clarkston, MI (around 45 min from D-Town), I kept hearing over and over again about the oasis. One of my friends moved to Detroit just to work at the coffee shop as a barista.

We walked in and freaked! It has an industrial feel and was very clean. I ordered a Chai Latte that was delish to the last drop and my friend decided on a mocha complete with latte art that was completely photogenic! If you’ve never been, it’s recommended by Krystal’s Mind Blog!





Photography In The City 

After sipping our special drinks, we started looking for vintage brick buildings to shoot in front of. I was walking around studying buildings when a guy asked yelled out of his car, “Are you an artist?” I must have looked like one or something. I answered that I was but wasn’t sure what he meant by it. He then explained he was meeting an artist to paint a mural on his brick wall. I wasn’t there for that, but i could have! (I’ve painted murals before). Detroit is making changes by modernising old factories and buildings and transforming them into loft apartments and condos. If you’ve ever watched New Girl and noticed the loft they live in, that’s what Detroit is envisioning.

Anyway, we found our target brick wall and started doing some shooting when a construction worker kicked us out because workers were going to be throwing the guts of the building on our heads. Needless to say, we got the heck out of there! Photography has a price to pay, but we weren’t willing to sacrifice that much for a good shot!

After walking across the city, my eyes caught a glimpse of a beautiful brick building with an old, rusty staircase that needed to be included on my Instagram feed! My friend took a pose in front and got some great shots, then it was my turn. I posed and gave instruction to my friend about the shooting as she aimed the camera. We ended the adventure with great photos!



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