Personal: 10 Ways Taylor Swift Inspires Me


   I am a pretty decent sized Taylor Swift fan. I liked her as soon as I heard her first hit, “Tim McGraw”. I remember wanting to go see her when her tickets were only $12 (now the cheapest ticket is around $90). She has changed it up a bit over the years but she still has my fandom.

Here is how she inspired me and continues to amaze me:

1) Musically Talented

Taylor Swift may not be the best musician in the world, but she does know enough to write music to some chords on a guitar. That is all the inspiration I needed when I decided to learn how to play guitar. As I watched Taylor’s music videos and biography, my motivation to play got stronger. The first song I learned on a guitar was Jingle Bells since I learned over Christmas break. The second song I learned was “Our Song” by Taylor Swift. After that, I began to play many of her songs which transitioned me into playing worship songs since I was greatly involved in church. I then started leading worship behind my guitar all because Taylor Swift inspired me to play guitar.

She also inspired me to sing. Yah, Taylor wasn’t the best singer when she first started performing live, but the fact that she had a high, pretty voice in her songs that I grew up listening to made me want to develop my singing voice along with my improving guitar skills. This really helped me as I led worship once a month at church.

2) Style

From her style of songs to her wardrobe, she inspires many. She dresses super cute but simple that it inspires me to want to be creative in the way I dress. She made sundresses, crop tops, high waisted pants, and curls popular. As I fell in love with her style, I did some research and found out that she does most of her shopping at Forever 21 and H&M which have become my favorite places to shop for clothing as well. When she first started out, she had a line at Walmart where I bought a Taylor Swift sundress and shirts with her playing a guitar. I loved them so much.

Also, her style of songs were different than any other country artist. They were about fairy tales and relatable relationships for the younger crowd. She quickly became famous. Then she expanded to pop music and blossomed even more inspiring others to add similar beats and words into their songs. Her style of music is unlike many albums you will play.

3) Personality

Taylor has a personality that is laid back and people focused. She inspires others to be different. Inspires to shine despite those “who throw rocks at things that shine”. She doesn’t want to be a part of drama even though her past relationships have ended up on the covers of gossip magazines. She is entertained with the small things in life even though she is one of the richest woman in the world. She is also a people lover enough to invite 89 fans to each of her houses to experience her new songs live. Visiting fans in the hospital and donating money to help others are a couple of her generous acts. She is also fun as she hangs out with her squad of girl friends.

4) Morals

Taylor Swift has great morals. She has good modesty, strong beliefs that she hangs on to and follows, values family, works hard, and makes smart decisions. Taylor hasn’t gone off the deep end to attract attention, but has earned the attention by pouring effort into making her performances unforgettable. Most of her dresses she has worn on the red carpet are modest but gorgeous. She gives girls great advice and has many wise quotes that she shares. Even the lyrics in her songs are inspiring and clean morally. She doesn’t cut corners and works hard to improve the world of music. When it comes to guys, she seems to detect unhealthiness in the relationship enough to call it out and get out. Some of what she learns ends up in lyrics in order to help others in their relationships. Taylor is down to earth and she still doesn’t think she deserves awards of any kind. She still finds time to play with her younger brother and hang out with her mom. There is a video of her and her brother having an Easter egg hunt at their house and selfies of her and her mom. Maybe that is why she is such a strong roll model for her fans.

5) Creative

She is creative in all her ways. You open up her new released album to find Polaroids representing her songs, a poster of her made of pictures of her fans, and pretty lyric books. She really spends time creating her albums in such a way that you skip buying the album on iTunes and getting a hard copy since it comes with extra creative items. At her concerts, she goes through dress changes like crazy and provides audience with opportunities to see her at different angles by flying above them or popping up onto the stage. She is creative with her performance wardrobe by matching her outfit with the song. She has preferences and helps design her stage clothes as well by using her creative side. She inspires me to be different and design using my creative skills.
Polaroid Picture Frame:

Yep, that’s my pic inspired by Taylor Swift

My favorite songs are “Delicate”, “Bad Blood”, “Enchanted”, “Stay”, “Ours”, and “Our Song” (If I had to narrow them down)  What are your favs??????? Let me know! Leave a comment!


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