Tips & Hacks: 1 Simple Way To Improve Your Liver (With Recipe)


     These days junk food invades our arteries, sugar takes over our energy levels, Ramen noodles take over our minds, and coffee runs through our veins. Americas grocery store snack food isles are filled with preserved items that strain our liver.

     In college I filled my body with all the junk food I could lay my hands on. With my parents not forcing me to eat healthy, I went to the store and bought that sugar filled cereal my mom never would buy us. I bought all the Cheeze-Its I could afford. I ate the cafeteria food offered to me which included grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. This took a tole on my liver like crazy and I began to get tired and my energy level plummeted. I also noticed that my acne was getting slightly worse as well no matter how much I washed my face. I wanted to do something about it, but I was a poor college student with loans, payments, and insurance.

     It wasn’t until I graduated college and got my first real job doing what I loved that I started actually caring about my health and what I ate. I didn’t have the motivation I needed though so my dad suggested finding a nutritionist who told me one simple thing to help.

SIMPLE  Leads to Success

     Since I was busy and couldn’t always eat the best, my nutritionist suggested I try something to help clean and boost my liver, which was causing my tiredness and acne. It ended up helping me get my energy back and clearing up my face. Those around me even noticed a difference. The key was in a cheap, easy, and simple mixture to drink every morning before eating. All you need is 1 fresh lemon, extra virgin olive oil, and water, blend it all together, and chug it down. It has to be made fresh to have the full effect. Drink the mixture every morning until you see or feel improvement. You can drink as long as you desire. SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS: It does make your pee smell lemony and you will need to make sure your teeth are brushed at least before you go to bed so the acid doesn’t break down the enamel.

Simple Recipe BLOG cut lemon


  • 1 fresh lemon (Peel and All)
  • 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 cups of water


  1. Wash and cut lemon in half
  2. Add lemon, olive oil, and water to blender
  3. Blend items for around a minute
  4. Pour mixture into a glass (I use a large mason jar) covering the top with a strainer to catch any pulp from your drink
  5. Enjoy the lemony goodness

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