Personal: Behind The Name


Krystal’s Mind Blog

If you know me, I get distracted easily and have lack of focus. I have one exception though. When I write, it helps me focus. There is something about seeing something in words that helps me stay on task. I have a lot of mind blocks when I think and talk which leads to uncontrolled thoughts/random thoughts and lack of focus. This vanishes when I write or when I blog my thoughts down. So as a creative play on words, I changed my mind blocks into the creation of a mind blog. Yah, some of my subjects I write about are a bit random, but they are a part of the way my mind works. As you read, you will begin to understand what a single millennial girl thinks about and what interests her.

You will discover that something beautiful can come from out of the box thinking, creative techniques, and stories that lead you down paths you would have never traveled. These just a few reasons why following Krystal’s Mind Blog will continue encourage and inform you.

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