Personal: The Girl Behind The Blog

Hey, I’m Krystal, a 25 year old single girl with an imagination that carries me away and a smile that spreads like wildfire to those around me. Most people say they can hear me before they can see me due to my energetic and entertaining personality. I have the goofy kind of humor which means I make myself look funny to make others laugh at my expense. I do anything to make people laugh. Most people judge this and think that I cannot be serious or that my mind is mush. I have these people fooled. If people really take the time to know me, I get serious with them and I’m pretty intelligent. In college, I goofed around like crazy and most thought I didn’t have much of a future. I showed them on the day when I graduated with honors. Their mouths hit the floor. Drool went everywhere.

I enjoy telling stories with elaboration, teaching others, spending time with people, loving God, and using creativity. This leads me to where I’m at now. I currently have a full time job as a student ministry director at a church near Detroit, Michigan. This August my term will be up and I will be looking for a part time job working in a church and part time working in the community. I have no idea where yet, but I love living in Michigan so here I will stay for now.

Enjoy my blog. It will never be boring because my mind if filled with the most random stuff. Learn what I have to offer because I do have a gift of teaching. Read with an open mind because I may surprise you.BW Smile

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