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Welcome To My Living Room!

Most of you all know that I moved into a foreclosed house. My dad bought it for a price of a car, then I helped with fix it up. As we were working on the house, I fell in love with it and decided I wanted to rent it from my parents! It has almost been a year since I packed up and moved in! As I was living in the house, I continued to improve and decorate! My living room has gone through some changes and turned out SO CUTE!!!! I linked items for you all in case you are interested in check out some of my finds!


The living room had a huge wood shelf taking up a whole wall and drilled into the wall. We removed the shelf and along with clearing out the junk, which increased the space. We kept the carpet for now even though it has a few stains, but other than that the condition is good. I repainted the room and my dad fixed the ceiling since the ceiling tile was missing (I dont think I got a photo). The windows were replaced and new blinds were installed.

It was a mess, but there were some neat features! I love the long, skinny vintage windows, tall ceiling, the modern tile on the ceiling, the trim, and the textured walls! Just wait until you see the after so you can see my vision come to life for this room!


Music Corner

I play 9 instruments and I love this little cozy music corner! I have my ukulele ready to go and my record player next to me where I play my newest record addition “Folklore” by Taylor Swift, along with records that were left by the previous owner like John Denver and Johnny Cash. There are even some Christmas ones that I pop on once it is the most wonderful time of the year.

The Lounge Area

I honestly spend the most time when I’m home on the couch! I love a good neutral couch for all my decorative blankets and pillows! It’s amazing what a festive blanket will do to a room! I get my throw blankets from Homegoods usually! They have so many good ones! My house doesn’t have central air, so I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the last couple of months since I keep my window air conditioner in my living room. My neighbor gave me her old one and I couldn’t be more grateful for it since it has been hot this summer!

I have my diffuser, candle, and my blue light glasses easily accessible from the couch so I can enjoy a relaxing aroma while I watch TV, eat dinner, do my devotionals, or blog, which is the most common activities I enjoy while relaxing! I didn’t have much furniture when I moved, but I thrifted a vintage trunk from Goodwill for $10 and it makes a perfect coffee table! I keep my pens and a lighter for my candles in a cute fox holder, the remotes, a faux plant, and my Jesus Calling Devotional all on the trunk! Gotta have all the necessities!

A fun little idea to do is turn on a cute background on YouTube that complements the aesthetic you are going for! All you do is search YouTube for “summer background” on your smart TV and choose which ones you want! I had a field of sunflowers with relaxing bird noises going! In the fall and winter, I like putting on a fireplace and it tricks my mind into thinking that it is giving off heat! Another fun one is to search YouTube for is “lofi coffee shop music” and there are some cool videos to choose from that display an actual coffee shop with light talking, coffee grinding, and a light bell of a door opening as if someone is entering the shop with the lofi playing.

The Comfy Reading Corner

I love the egg chairs that I found at Target! Not only do they look cute, but they are perfect to sitting up to read or drink a morning coffee at! There is something about reading that instantly puts me to sleep, so if I want to get something read, this is the place to be because I would totally fall asleep if I were to go to the couch! This is also a great place to go when you need to switch things up to get a different view. I store my extra blankets in the large basket in case I get chilly or just want to get more cozy. It is also between the air conditioner and Huntlie’s (my rescue dog) bed. She always likes to be near me or at least know where I’m at so she likes taking a nap on her bed. A side note, the deer log that is next to my air conditioner was wood burned by ME! I was going to sell it on Etsy, but I liked it too much to sell!

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More Coming Soon!

I love my cozy living room and I hope you all enjoyed coming along with me! If you follow me on Instagram (@krystalsmindblog) you have seen my living room evolve along the way! I have more rooms to reveal soon! I am releasing lots of home content right before I start decorating for fall! Then I’ll share fall decor! Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow my blog as well so you get an email notification that I released a new room in my home! I love to chat with you all so let me know what you think!

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