PERSONAL: Random Halloween Thoughts

Growing up, my family and I never really celebrated halloween. We would carve some pumpkins and roast the seeds, which was fun. Then, we would buy the discounted candy after it was over. We lived in the country so trick or treaters never came around since kids would burn off all the candy calories just to get to the next house! It wasn’t really our thing. Did you all grow up celebrating halloween?

I still am not totally into the whole gory costumes and fake blood stuff, but I totally love fall! Orange pumpkins decorating my porch and fluffy squirrels trampling around make me happy! I have a squirrel costume that I wear any opportunity I get, so that is usually what I wear for the occasional trunk or treat extravaganzas. I also like seeing my dog, Huntlie wear funny things! I dressed her up as a lobster and I was a fishermen for a photoshoot on the pier this year! That was fun! Then, here and there, I watch some horror movies (not by myself). That’s as far as I usually go. This year I attempted a borderline creepy costume for a photoshoot, but I couldn’t really hold a straight face. I managed to get a couple shots, but I just kept thinking how funny it was that on my way to the shoot, I dropped a pumpkin and it rolled down a hill! I don’t think anyone saw me, but if they did, they were probably laughing at me running around with a camera and props! What a sight to see!

With all this being said, even though I like fall, halloween never has been my favorite holiday. Christmas is more exciting to me! I guess I don’t really get the reason why halloween is even celebrated. Seems too dark and scary for me. My personality is more consistent with a holiday like April Fools Day! LOL I do like getting discounted Reeses though! Anyone else wait for the discounted candy?

I also don’t want to get involved in any satanic rituals of any kind. I feel like some of the halloween activities consist of dark thoughts of death and often times create this feeling that dying is scary. Since I know Jesus, I know that He overcame death and promises we can too when we follow Him! If you know that, then halloween isn’t really that scary. I’m not sure where you all fall into the details of halloween, but the creative aspect of it like thinking of fun costumes and photoshoots entertain me lol

I’m curious to see what your thoughts are about halloween! Are your thoughts similar to mine, or are you all for it? Seems like many people really get into it. All my neighbors in my small town have blow up spiders and monsters in their yards. I was the first to fill my porch with pumpkins though!

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