PERSONAL: Where My Love For Fall Started (With Fall Outfit Photos!)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I wear fall colors all year around! I used to be all about blues and greens but then I realized warm colors like oranges and yellows are so happy and life-giving!

I think my true love for fall all started when I went hiking in upper Michigan! I was blown away by the beauty of the changing leaves, esspecially while kayaking on Beaver Lake where the water was like glass, reflecting the colors like a mirror! I couldn’t keep my eyes off the nature!

That same year, I helped run a pumpkin patch fundraiser where we unloaded a semi filled with pumpkins! After we were done, the lawn was like wave of pretty orange. I loved walking through the pallets of pumpkins and looking at how each one was so unique, just like the fallen leaves. There is so much beauty in fall, but it’s fleeting so sometimes you have to take it all in, while it’s here!

The love of fall reached my wardrobe soon after that! I gravitated towards burnt oranges, browns, yellows, and reds when picking out clothes and decor! I dabble in greens too since pumpkins are so pretty with their deep green stems! I remember wanted to move into my own place with one thing in mind: I would get to decorate my house for fall! That is what kept me going when I would get discouraged about working enough money to pay the bills that came with getting my own place. As I’m writing this, I’m surrounded by my house in full fall decor and it makes me so happy!

I’ve been called a “fall queen” and I’m ok with that! It actually suits me quite well, if I do say so myself! Lol I bake fall cookies, hang leaves on my walls, drink from pumpkin shaped mugs, and scatter guards all over my home to prove it!

People ask why I love fall so much, so I hope this cleared some confusion! I don’t like that it gets dark sooner, but that’s a small price to pay for the beauty of it!


Below are some of my fall colored outfits throughout the year:

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