Personal: Millennial Travel Bucket List


Every millennial has BIG plans to travel the world, has BIG dreams, and has BIG intentions. Yep, I am one of them. After hiking 45 miles on the Appalachian Trail and seeing Pictured Rocks in Upper Michigan, my adventure plans grew a few sizes larger. Where would a single millennial girl want to go and how does she make it happen? Here is my thought process.

I’m a millennial, therefore I am broke.

My purse strings don’t open up that far, my pocket lint won’t cover the expenses, I’m pretty sure they don’t take monopoly money anywhere I may want to travel to, and my money tree dried up when I forgot to water it. This hinders me just a smidgen. Staying in the United States it is! We can save traveling out of the country for the honeymoon if a prince comes my way. My Toyota is good on gas, so driving is the KEY…get it, cars take keys lol

A lot of millennials, like myself, have fallen in love with cheap adventures like hiking, enjoying the outdoors, and camping. It may have not been their first choice, but after seeing views beyond their belief and the bank account left damp instead of all dried up, it definitely grows on ya. I have always liked nature, but now I love it after experiencing some amazing adventures. All I asked for on Christmas was a kayak so I could create adventures. The problem is that they don’t make a sturdy rack for my car but when there is a will, there is a way.

I am a millennial, therefore I have big plans.

I really want to see the Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. If Pictured Rocks in Upper Michigan blew me away, the Grand Canyon would carry me up in a whirlwind!

I really want to travel to the Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. The mountains look so pretty there and so does all the nature. Seems like a wonderful place to hike!

I really want to go to New York. Central Park would be great to hang out. The bridges there and it is in so many movies. Plus, it is known to be the squirrel sanctuary of America.

I really want to conquer hiking most if not all the Appalachian Trail that runs from Maine to Georgia. I have all the gear, just need to go on a long sabbatical and get a friend to go with me who also takes a long sabbatical.

I really want to ride horseback down trails and stay at a dude ranch in Texas. It would be something else to ride in the open fields and desert lands! It makes me miss my horse I had growing up.

I really want to explore the island of Santa Barbra, CA. One of my favorite shows is Psych and that’s where Shawn Spencer is from on the show. The island looks sweet and looks like you could do some kayaking in the pretty waters.

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