Personal: Finding A Job

Resume Writing and Waiting…

Jobs make life interesting. You pack up everything you own for a job. You move away from loved ones and family members for a job. You forfeit your comfort and familiarity for a job. You even make decisions around a job. Jobs have power because they are so important to function and live.

Maybe knowing these things are causing an inner panic. Depending on what job I choose, it will effect where I live. It will decide what people I get to meet. It will decide if I have to pay rent or live in my parent’s basement. I don’t have to panic about what the next step is for me though because I always have my parents to lean back on. Yep, that is always the plan B of a millennial which is fine as long as you don’t become lazy and forget about a job altogether.

For a job, you don’t want to get one you absolutely hate. Get a job that uses your talents and gifts so you feel fulfilled. Some people get overly picky about the jobs they send their resumes and end up never finding a job at all. Don’t be that guy. Keep this in mind:

There will always be something in a job that you will not like to do. It keeps the job interesting so learn to appreciate the blah.

If are a millennial like me, you don’t like reading long, boring papers or articles. Pretty much everyone like simple and to the point when it comes to resumes. Now days, resumes are quite simple to produce. One page for the cover letter, one page for the resume, and one page for the references. Done! If you really want to impress the socks off the resume readers, design your resume to fit the interest of the place you are wanting to be hired at. For example, I applied to a coffee shop and created my resume with coffee beans and burlap all over it. They said it was the best resume they have ever seen come through their business. They wanted to hire me after that but it didn’t end up working out with my schedule.

Create your resume simple, short, reader friendly, and well designed to fit the job opportunity.

After creating resumes and finding job opportunities you will actually decently enjoy, there is a waiting process where you pray and trust as you check your phone. These situations can be nerve racking and cause that inner panic. It is best to have an attitude of whatever happens, happens. Send resumes to everywhere you might like even if you aren’t totally convinced because you don’t want to live with the regret of what might have been.

When you know that you have done everything possible under your control, there is a satisfaction no matter what the outcome will be. 

Make the process fun and don’t take any outcome personal. This will help control anxiety, stress and self consciousness. Doors will open where they should and shut in your face when they shouldn’t. Stay strong. Be bold. Take over your world. You. Got. This.


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