PERSONAL: Old Year, New Year (What I Accomplished in 2019 And Goals For 2020)

Being a blogger, influencer, personal trainer, associate pastor, brand ambassador, and photographer, I have had a crazy year and ready to start another one!

Year 2019 Accomplishments

1) I started blogging officially

I played with the idea of blogging for awhile, but year 2019 was when I started taking it seriously and paid to have my own website. I know own the rights to and pay the yearly rate to have my WordPress website.

2) I made a fashion/lifestyle blogger Instagram account

I made a professional Instagram account for my blog. It originally started as a “365 challenge” account but that’s when I discovered fashion bloggers and influencers. They all inspired me to start one too! I combined my love of photography and fashion. I researched like crazy and started taking outfit photos! I started getting followers who encouraged and still encourage me today!

3) I became a brand ambassador

Brands started reaching out to me and decided to take my first ambassador job with Elixe Boutique. I modeled the pieces I received with a huge discount. I gained followers when the brand posted my photo on their multiple pages!

Since that went well, I became a brand ambassador for XOmandysue and Bangs Shoes, which are brands I really love!

I also received my first FREE product from Smile Brilliant! They gave me a whitening kit valued at $150 and the giveaway is going on now for YOU to win a kit of your own! Tap HERE to enter!

Modeled my tank from Elixe Boutique
Modeled my tee from Elixe Boutique
Bangs shoes ambassador “Blitz day” post
Jumper from Xomandysue brand
Dress from XOmandysue
Smile Brilliant advertisement

4) Personal training at the YMCA

I passed my certification test through the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a personal trainer and had a couple clients that came to me last year wanting to chase their new years resolution to lose weight.

5) Created seasonal styling videos and pics

I made some styling videos and took some photos of different ways to style one piece. I took suggestions from my followers on Instagram and challenged my fashion abilities! I found out I LOVE piecing together fun outfits!

6) I was hired on a the new associate pastor of Anchor Church in Stevensville, Michigan

I’ve been a youth director of 200 students at Clarkston Community Church in Clarkston, Michigan, a youth intern at First Church in St. Joseph, Michigan, and volunteer at Baroda Church of God in Baroda, Michigan, and now I’m an associate pastor heading up the student ministry, preaching, leading worship, and running on pastoral calls at Anchor Church in Stevensville, Michigan. I’m an ordained pastor through the Church of God (Anderson, IN) and was called into ministry when I was 16 years old. I’ve been doing ministry in some form ever since.

I’ve baptized, spoke at retreats, created curriculum, led trips, prayed with people in waiting rooms, shared my testimony, graduated with a youth ministry/adolescent study degree from Bethel University in Mishawaka, IN, am on a planning board and am the MC for a state winter retreat every year, and made videos/was a photographer for state youth events.

My first paycheck as a pastor!
My church I pastor at!
My office!
Sermon prep
Student ministry!

7) Dating Kameron

I met Kameron at my sister’s wedding. I was the maid of honor and he was the best man. We danced the whole night and he asked for my number. I gave him my real number and he was committed to chasing after me. I ended up falling for him and we’ve been dating for over a year all ready! He makes me happy and has taken some of my photos for my blog. He’s a trooper and supports me!

Kameron shot this post after many takes since I was picky lol
Kameron gave me his best shot here!

I could go on because a lot happened in 2019 but I won’t send you into boredom lol

Goals for 2020!

Instead of resolutions, I want to share a few goals I have for the new year.

1) Make and follow a budget

I want to keep track of my spending so I can pay off my parents for my car. I also want to move out of my parents place and into a house I’m helping my parents fix up in Buchanan. I’ve been spending more than I should on fashion pieces for blog, so now I want to keep track of my purchases. It’s sooo easy to blow money when your favorite bloggers link cute outfits! Kameron is teaching me how to use Google’s Excel sheets.

House I’m fixing up with my dad
Doing yardwork!

2) Gain 1, 000 followers on Instagram

I’m almost at 350 followers on Instagram after less than a year being committed. I have grown organically by commenting and responding to my beloved fans. They enjoy my style and I’ve even became good friends with a few of them! My followers are treated like family. I am collaborating with a couple of my followers and trying to find a time to meet up with one of them! Check out my blog post about one of my collaborations with one of my followers and friends by TAPPING HERE

3) I want to blog more consistantly

I want to write am publish a blog post every week on the same day to peak interest of my followers. I habe just been posting whenever I have time, but I want to start changing that so my followers EXPECT my posts. I want to give you all something to look forward to.

4) I want to post more outfits!

I want to take more professional outfit posts and get recognized even more than I am right now! Below are dinne of my favorite photos I’m most proud of from 2019!

What would you want to see more of in the new year?

What are your goals for 2020??

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