HOME DECOR: New Bedroom Winter Look Renevation (Links, Tips, Photos, And More!)

My environment is really important to me. If I need to hang out or do work in my bedroom, I need it clean, cozy, and cute! I’m HUGE into cozy environments!!! If my environment is not cozy, I cant get as much work done because my mind is imagining how I would make the surroundings more cozy!

I had my Christmas decor up for longer than most years because I still feel like it wasnt Christmas due to the no snow here in Michigan. But, I accepted the reality and changed out my decor with more of a winter feel rather than Christmas.

My Bed Area

I love how my bed turned out! I’m in love with the quilted, velvet bed cover I got super on sale from Target! The color is what REALLY drew me into the cover. It has the softest texture as well!

Im really into decorating my mirrors! I got the tree pennants and pome cone strand in the Target dollar spot! They add that winter feel I was hoping for!

My pillows are mainly from Tjmaxx but my favorite vintage round one is from Urban Outfitters! I love the color!

For my cute woodland animals, the squirrel was a gift to me from my favorite co worker and friend! The fox is actually a hot water bottle holder! He has a velcro back where you can insert your hot pad. So not only is he cute, he serves a purpose for when I have a sore neck or muscles!

Room Details

It’s the little finishing touches that add so much to decorating!

I transformed my evergreen garland into a cute wreath and stuck my deer ornament in the center for a nice winter look! The garland had red berries that I cut out so it wouldn’t look so much like Christmas and more like winter. This was super easy to make since the garland was made of wire that I just bent into a round shape! I didn’t have to buy a wreath! Perfect!

Winter scented candles are so amazing! I LOVE the evergreen, pine, or forest smells!

I also love bristle trees! They come in all sizes and flocked or unflocked! I’ve collected mine from the Target dollar section, 5Below, Kohls, and Walmart. It’s so fun arranging them around my room and next to my ceramic squirrels, which are salt and pepper shakers lol

My recommendations for winter decorating are these:

● Stay away from red and lean more on green

● Choose darker colors that make you happy and cozy. If you’re going with a bedspread or curtains, choose something with a textured look that makes you feel comfortable while watching Netflix!

● Add pieces that are only found during winter or highlight what winter brings like snow, evergreens, woodland animals or birds found in the winter months.

Limks & Photos

Tap the photos below to shop! If I couldn’t find the exact item, I linked a similar or even cute version of the piece!

How do you decorate for winter??? I would love to get even more fun ideas!