HOW TO STYLE CASUAL WINTER OUTFITS (Featuring Styling Tips And Links!)

I’m sharing some styling tips when it comes to wearing casual winter outfits!

I’m huge into being comfortable AND fashionable! I’m happy to share, YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! I am going to share my personal styling tips and what goes on in Krystal’s Mind when it came to picking these 4 outfits below! Let’s get started!!!


TOP: I call this the casual “Plaid Reindeer” outfit! I thrifted this top from Ebey because I just loved how the deer print looked artistic and perfect for winter! It’s such a nice, comfortable piece as well.

PANTS: Since the top I chose was a bit plain, I decided to pair it with my pair of plaid pants I picked up from Walmart for around $12, which I was super impressed with! I have found some surprisingly great finds at Walmart over the years. These pants are super stretchy so I would size down 2 sizes. I am wearing an XS (I’m usually a small) and they are still a tiny bit big.

BELT: To bring the outfit together more, I added this black western belt I got from NastyGal. The pants do not have belt loops, but they helped tighten the top of the pants a smidge! I chose to go with a black belt because I wanted a darker color for my winter outfit. Darker colors during winter are usually ideal.

PURSE: I also LOVE TO THRIFT so I was excited for this next piece I’m going to mention: the purse! The beauty was found at one of the Goodwill stores by me! Not only does it add a vintage, classy look, it also meshes well with the red in my pants since red and green are complimentary colors on the color wheel.

SHOES: Since you are unable to see my feet in this photo, but I would step into a nice pair of black booties to complete this outfit! The reason why I would choose black is because I went with a black belt (not to be confused with karate lol). I will link the boots I am wearing below and that I would pair with this fun outfit.



SWEATER: This sweater is one of my favorite festive ones! I picked this up at NastyGal and totally love the comfort level of this piece! the little heart details and adorable reindeer make my day. Since the sweater includes snowflakes, I would wear this all through winter. The pop of color it adds to my outfits is so enDEERing! (It’s ok to laugh at my dad jokes! LOL)

SKIRT: Sequin skirts are VERY “in” this season. They are predicting that they will be a passing trend, but I love how a little shine transforms a normal sweater into a party outfit. I didn’t add a belt to this outfit because I didn’t want to take away from the beauty of the skirt. This sequin trumpet skirt is from Free People and I HAD to add it to my cart after seeing it on one if my favorite bloggers, Noelle. I LOVE the way she styled it with a flannel on her Instagram feed!

PURSE: One of my most favorite pieces to thrift are purses! I also found this cute, black purse at Goodwill. I liked how it had an envelope design and a rotating clasp. I am so happy with how it added a winter feel to this outfit.

SHOES: This outfit would look stunning with a pair of black over the knee boots, silver heels, or black ankle booties if you are going out. To dress the outfit down more, a pair of white, green, or black Converse or Vans would do just the trick.

Which is your favorite piece in outfit #2????


SWEATER: I love the idea of trying something different and unique. This outfit does just that. I picked up this sweater last year from Urban Outfitters because I loved how it was a cropped version of the vintage ones at the thrift stores without the scratchy feel. The snowflake pattern won me over and I knew this would be a perfect piece to add on my winter outfit list!

SHORTS: Wearing my classic mom denim shorts here, which I got on sale when the stores were transitioning into their fall collection at Target. Note to self: If you are on a budget, never go to the Target clothing department during the fall because I wanted EVERYTHING and overspent lol Anyway, I love the unique look these shorts add because you forget about all the cute shorts when winter rolls around. It’s basically like you’re wearing a skirt but more freeing because you don’t have to worry about showing off something you dont want shown while crawling around on the floor playing with your pupper! Lol

TIGHTS: For the most comfortable tights at an affordable price, you really need to try H&M. In the winter, I LOVE their thick, textured tights. They are so cozy and provide as much warmth as leggings. Being 5′ 8″, I get size large. They also hold in your body heat better when you wear larger tights since they arn’t stretching as much showing and exposing your skin to the winter temperatures.

BELT: I decided at go with a brown belt with this outfit. I love how brown and green look together since it reminds me of forests. Side note, I’m a fan of hiking. I’m getting distracted lol Anyway, this belt came with a dress that I got awhile ago. I still use it because it’s so nice to adjust it anywhere since it’s braided. The braided pattern adds that detail of texture to the outfit.

PURSE: Guess what! I thrifted this purse as well! I fell in love with the vintage look and details it displays. I actually found it on the same thrifting trip as the green chain link purse in outfit one! It has a “secret” compartment where the bottom unzips. (Secret is in quotes because

Which is your favorite piece in outfit #3???

OUTFIT #4: Casual Velvet

TOP: I thrifted this velvet piece from Goodwill and chose it because of the unique sleeves! It’s actually dark green but it looks black in this photo. It’s so soft and adds some flare to a pair of jeans! I liked gotte it added a different texture to the outfit as well!

JEANS: I’m wearing these pair of fringed high waisted button-up denim jeans from Madewell. When it comes to denim, Madewell creates some fantastic pieces! I now have 3 pairs of jeans, a denim jacket, a belt, and tops all from Madewell. They are such a great brand and one day it’s my dream to become an ambassador for their brand because I’m devoted to their pieces! I actually purchased this particular pair off of a thrifting app called Marcari.

NECKLACE: Once again, this rustic metal necklace was found at my local Goodwill! I saw it hanging up and loved how vintage and rustic it looked! It was super cheap and creates another interesting look to this outfit!

PURSE: This purse was on super sale in the clearance section at Target! It was only like $11. I really liked the unique shape it was in and the little design on the front. I chose to pair it with this outfit because it added a taste of interest to this ensemble! This whole outfit just intrigues me and many instagrammers liked this outfit because of the different look it possessed.

Which is your favorite in outfit #4????


Tap the photos to shop! I will be linking some similar pieces for the thrifted items if I can no longer find the exact links. Let me know your favorite pieces!


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