Becoming Instagram Friends (Fellow Fashion and Style Bloggers Find Eachother Through Social Media)

As I’ve been getting more involved in my Instagram blogging account, I’ve been engaging with fellow influencers and bloggers along the way. At first, I just assumed everyone would just come to me and I would get lots of followers, but the key to being discovered is engaging with others on the Instagram platform!

So my journey began as I intentionally searched through Instagram accounts of OTHERS. I spent less time on my own account, and more of my time went into pouring into others! Not only has my content improved by getting ideas from the accounts I visited, but I’ve also made some connections and friends as I shoot DMs/comments with them!

I remember searching through the comments of a blogger/influencer when a certain profile photo caught my eye and I went to the page of Katelynn Smith’s page (@thelifeofasojourner). I loved her feed with the rich, earthy tones she used, so I liked and commented on a few of her posts, which led to me following her.

She discovered me through those comments and ended up following me back! Some time went by when she reached out with a DM after seeing my Insta stories. That led into further conversation.

I love wearing overalls and I recently ordered a pair of ginger colored Fall Potluck Corduroy Overalls from Modcloth. I totally loved them and posted a photo on my account wearing them. She then commented and was super interested in getting a pair herself. I sent her the link and tried getting her a deal because if she put in her email, they send you a discount for your first order through them!

She ordered a pair for herself and we were excited together about having the same overalls! Then I got an idea! What if we posted a photo twinning in them!!! She LOVED the idea and we continued to DM eachother, planning our whole outfit by sending pics of pieces we had. We ended up having the EXACT SAME brown leather cut out flats too!!!! This was meant to be!

I was so excited, I went to the nearest pumpkin patch to start shooting, since we planned to have pumpkins as our background. Setting up my tripod, adding a timer, and clicking the shot using my phone as a remote, I captured some keepers! I sent her my shots and then she took her matching shots at her family’s farm.

While this has been going on, we have also hyped up our followers about our special collaboration! This also motivated us as well to strive to create photos that were gorgeous! (We succeeded!) SEE AT END OF POST!

While planning our outfits, we also chatted about life and motivated each other through encouraging words and sharing tips. It was so fun for both of us since we had the same interests and dreams!

Both of us were struggling with missing our men. Her husband was deployed and my boyfriend lives 3.5 hours away from me. This fun outfit planning was just what we needed to distract us and get us excited about something!

A bit later, she shared a photo of her wearing the cutest over the knee boots and I loved them on her! They were on sale so I picked up a brown and black pair! Then, I showed her and thanked her for a great find!

She then picked up a plaid skirt to match one similar to mine so there may be future twin photoshoots! I cant wait to grow as fashion and style bloggers together!

We are now trying to meet up and plan an ACTUAL photoshoot together, which I would be super hyped to do! Maybe even go on a double date possibly!

Instagram can be such a great platform for meeting new friends you NEVER would have met! A special shout out to Insta! Thanks so much!



Modcloth Corduroy Potluck Overalls
Cut Out Bootie
Ribbed White Tee
VICI Felt Hat


  1. wow!! that made for such an interesting read and experience of yours 🙂
    You have certainly inspired me enough and in a genuine way to grow in insta fam! 🌻🌻

    1. Yes! It really was! I was hesitant about internet friendships, but this experience changed my perspective! We hear about the dangers of social media friendships so I wanted to share my positive experience and how it came about! Thanks for reading and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Made my day hearing from you ♡

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