PERSONAL: Real Life Christmas Talk (Staying Joyful During The Holidays)

As our Instagram feeds transition into red and green with talk about excitement for Christmas featuring magical scenes, I want to share some REAL TALK.

I want to let you into my mind just a bit in this blog post, after all, this is called Krystal’s Mind Blog! Here, I’m sharing what goes through my mind to stay positive even when it’s so easy to fall into a slump during the Christmas season.

Christmas brings me so much joy and happiness, which makes it my favorite holiday! I am a major smiler and laugh at almost anything! I think one of the reasons people like being around me so much is that I make them feel like they are funny even if they arn’t the greatest comic in the world. It’s just so easy to make me laugh!

With that said, it also brings some depression for those who have lost loved ones or those who cant afford presents for their families. Even me, one of the happiest people you will ever meet. I just want to encourage everyone to focus on the LIGHT.

What does that mean? To me, it means focusing on the positives and sharing that with others.

Right now, I’ve been struggling to stay happy. Christmas is a busy time, as you all are probably experiencing, and it is so easy to get run down into the dumps.

Yesterday, the most wonderful, caring woman from my church passed away unexpectedly. She would pray with people and send cards to everyone and anyone to help them feel loved, appreciated, and accepted. Being one of the pastors, I am called to stay strong for the whole church family, pray with others who are hurting, and be the LIGHT when others are feeling the darkness. Focusing on the positive, I’m so glad she is being rewarded in heaven for her kind heart and we can take it as a challenge to be like here ♡

My financial situation is also taking a toll on me. I’m sure you all can relate to this around Christmas! I just love everyone so much and want to buy them the perfect gifts but my  bank account is smaller than my heart lol Focusing on the positive,  I can turn that worry into motivation of reaching my 2020 goal of starting and creating an intense budget and plan for paying off all I owe and saving every penny I gain without wasting anything or over spending.

This weather also gets me down. The cold makes me hide away and the early darkness causes me to lose energy, which makes it harder for me to stay upbeat. Focusing on the positive,  I can turn my attention on how cozy, comfy sweaters make me feel warm or how we can appreciate the flickering candles longer while we sip hot tea. Makes me relaxed just thinking about that!

Losing a pet is like losing a family member and it really hurts. My boyfriend and his mom just lost their dog. My boyfriend grew up with this pup and the dog gave his mom a reason to get up in the morning when struggling with her chronic pain. I was there with them and seeing them hurt made me hurt to the point of tears too. Focusing on the positive, their pup had such a great life and left a beautiful paw print on their hearts. In the near future another dog who needs rescued, loved, and cared for will receive just that from them and they will find a new friend to cherish who will love them with an unconditional dog love.

I also feel defeated sometimes when I don’t see my account growing even after I’ve put hard work into creating content or developing relationships with my followers, which is super important to me. Focusing on the positives, I almost have 350 followers on Instagram who are dedicated to my account, who encourage me like crazy, and appreciate who I am as a person! Money can’t buy the love you all give me! You all are my perfect gift!

If any of you are experiencing hard times, just know you arn’t alone and there is hope. You. Got. This. Let the sad times fuel you and make you STRONGER.

One of the MAJOR ways I keep those positive thoughts is through Jesus. He is the REASON we celebrate Christmas. He has rescued me in the past from suicidal thoughts and every time depression sets in. I really don’t know where I would be without Him. Maybe you arn’t “religious” and I’m not either. I just have a personal, loving RELATIONSHIP with Jesus. I don’t know a lot of things, but I do know HIM. I’m not telling you this to “convert” you, but I just felt the need to share who I discovered and how my mind transitions into keeping positive.

I truly wish you all a happy, joyful, merry CHRISTmas! May you be filled with hope and positive thoughts as we continue into the new year, even when it gets hard!

If you ever want to chat or share with me, as always, leave a comment or shoot me a DM over Instagram! (You can follow me on Insta @krystalsmindblog) You all are so amazing!


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