Whitening My Coffee Stains! (The Process And The Results)

This kit gave me whiter teeth and I’m so happy I could SMILE!!!!

I like my coffee in the morning since I have to wake up at 4:30am for work 3 days a week. Having coffee every morning was taking a small toll on my teeth, giving them a more yellow tint. I’ve used whitening toothpaste and did the “oil pulling” with coconut oil which has worked for a little bit, but wouldn’t stay.

I get pretty forgetful when it comes to my teeth and when I was in college, my teeth suffered due to late nights with friends and cramming last minute projects. They became sensitive because I would drink lemon water and leave that on my teeth overnight, not realizing the acid could hurt my teeth.

Like I said, I have used whitening toothpastes, that worked just ok, but didn’t fully impress me. For awhile, I switched to toothpastes that focused more on helping my sensitive teeth more than trying to keep them white. I chose functionality and practicality over beauty. Little did I know that I could have BOTH!!!

“When it came to taking care of my teeth, I chose functionality and practicality over beauty. Little did I know, I could have BOTH!”

One day while this was going on, Smile Brilliant reached out to me and offered me a whitening kit so I could also have white teeth even with having sensitive chompers! They were SUPER helpful with the WHOLE process through emails!

The Smile Bright system was totally designed for me in mind! They customize your whitening trays, using molds, so you can throw them in your mouth and forget about them until the whitening time is up! So handy for someone who usually can’t multitask lol To diminish sensitivity during the whitening process, they even included desensitizing gel! Perfect!

Here’s how it works!

This neat, organized box is shipped to you filled with easy instructions with pictures (They really know me!) and everything you need during the process!

Base Impression Paste
Impression Paste That Is Combined With The Base
These Trays Get Filled With The Impression Pastes For You To Press Your Teeth Into
Detailed instructions with great photos are included when it’s time to mix the time sensitive pastes together

The kit came with the thick impression pastes that you line a blue, plastic horseshoe- shaped mold in. You then press your top and bottom teeth into the impression pastes leaving behind the marks of your teeth.

Press your teeth into the thick paste (reminds me of play dough)
Making the mold! You have to keep it in for a bit.
They give you extra paste in case you mess up. I messed up on my first one. (The front ripped)
The finished mold!
Top and bottom molds that I sent in so my whitening trays could be made!

After making both impressions (top and bottom), you let it harden before sending them off so Smile Brilliant can make your trays from the molds. Smile Brilliant includes a postage paid envelope for you to send your molds in and receive your trays!

The Whitening Trays

The whitening trays are personalized for your teeth and are so clear with the whitening gel in, that you can’t even tell your wearing them!

The Whitening Gel
Inside the package is a syringe of the whitening gel to line the clear trays
All you do is fill the trays with whitening gel and place them over your teeth!

It’s so easy! You can go about your normal day washing dishes, watering your plant babies, or shooting an outfit photo while you whiten!

You can whiten while washing the daily dishes or clean up around the house!
You cant even tell I’m wearing the whitening trays while I water my plant babies!
Being a fashion and style blogger, I can even shoot photos while whitening!

Many evenings, I even had my whitening trays in while talking on the phone with my boyfriend and he could still understand me. It’s hard to pronounce your S’s but other than that, you can still communicate with them in!

The hardest part of the process was going without coffee since you arn’t supposed to drink anything dark since the pores of your teeth are open during the whitening process, leaving your teeth with the possibility of staining.

Smile Brilliant was so amazing during this collaboration! I asked the most random questions if I got confused or wanted to make sure I was doing everything correct and they were always just an email away!

Since I like sipping warm drinks when it’s cold, I asked if it was ok to still drink hot tea. She graciously responded by saying herbal teas were ok!

The Smile Brilliant team also was there when I was worried because I accidentally fell asleep with my whitening trays in (you are only supposed to keep them in for 3 hours at the most). My responder, who has gone through the whitening process herself, let me know she had done the same thing and told me just to use the desensitizing gel if they felt extra sensitive. Loved how relatable she was!

The desensitizing gel helps close the pores of your teeth quicker so they won’t feel as sensitive. You can use the gel after you take out your whitening trays if needed.

I actually didn’t have to use any of the desensitizing gel even with falling asleep with the whitening trays still in. Here and there when I would breathe in cold air, I could tell my teeth were a bit sensitive, but it didn’t bother me enough to use the desensitizing gel after whitening.

The Results! No Filters!

The “white paper test”

You can see the stains around the teeth in all the before photos and now they are hardly noticeable!


I smile and laugh a lot so having a pretty smile is important to me and if that is also a goal of yours, I have a SURPRISE for my followers!

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I think you all will love this whitening kit, so I want you to experience it as well…FOR FREE!

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This has been the best whitening experience I’ve done and has shown the results I was after! I can’t wait for the giveaway winner to try it along with anyone else who uses my discount code!

Smiling Fearlessly!

I’ve noticed a difference in my teeth! Being a fashion/lifestyle influencer/ambassador I used to edit my photos and whiten my teeth, but now, I dont need to touch them up anymore! I went to add the whitening tool and my teeth were so white all ready that I didn’t even notice a difference!That made me really happy about the outcome!

Let me know your outcomes if you try this kit! I would love to hear what you think!

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