AFRICA: Day 5 (Loving And Leading Children)

It was a morning like every other with the sound of Julie’s laugh waking me up. I need to record it and put it as my alarm because I’m going to get too used to it after this trip!

We had cinnamon rolls and eggs this morning! Eggs are white here so the scrambled eggs looked like cottage cheese.

Holiday bible school was today! Since we were in charge of the crafts and bible story, Julie, and I collected supplies together. We were excited about seeing the kids! Pastor Marc and Joe were with us all day today to check out where we have been going and doing.

We literally bounced our way to the orphanage in Gyro since the road has 3 foot ruts, trenches, and mud. I wouldn’t call it a road. It puts Michigan pot holes to shame! Pastor Marc said traveling on the “road” was scarier than being in the drug jungle!

The road shook the pee out of me, so I had to use the bathroom when I got there. I was wandering the village for a bit until I asked one of the kids where it was. They pointed to a small, cement building. When entering the damp, dark room, I seen two stalls, with what looked like a toilet bowl, level with the cement ground. You were supposed to squat over the indented toilet bowl. There was no toilet paper, so air drying was the answer! Lol

I got lost, but then found the gate leading to the chapel where the children were singing. We clapped and danced with the kids until we introduced ourselves and dismissed for craft, bible story time, and games. We split the kids in 3 groups and I led crafts for the kids. The story was Noah’s Ark so I had them create a puppet of their favorite animal out of lunch bags, crayons, and googly eyes.

We had a googly eye crisis and ran out, but then I found some more and 110 hands surrounded me like a wave! They repeated, “Auntie, need eyes” over and over until they received one. They backed me into a wall when a Nigerian helper took them from me and started crowding her. After they left, I heard some crying. I looked around and a little girl was sitting against the wall with tears so I picked her up and hugged her until she stopped crying. I walked her around the room complementing all the kids on what a great job they did.

They loved their puppets a lot and Julie said they all showed her what they made when they came to story time. Julie shared the story of Noah with the kids, displaying motions for all the kids to see.

Joe helped with the games which included balloons and tennis balls (not quite sure what the games actually were). Pastor Marc went around taking pictures and helping around the stations.

The long day was finished after all 3 groups ventured to the stations then we loaded up for our next adventure. We drove to the YWAM IDP (Internally Displaced People) facility with the widows, orphans, and refugees to lead another holiday bible school.

Worship, introductions, and instructions were given, then Julie shared with all those there, the story of Noah’s Ark. Both Julie and her interpreter were animated and fun to listen to! They did an amazing job!

Next, it was craft time! We used these crafts that the ladies from North Carolina brought thinking that they were all ready prepped. After explaining the craft to the kids, we opened the craft to find out the pieces were not cut out. We didn’t have scissors so we improvised by ripping the pieces out for the kids.

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