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AFRICA: Day Seven (Busy And Fun Teaching)

I woke up really tired since me and Julie stayed up so late. The power was still out so Julie sets her little flashlights on the counter for a nightlight for me since I dont like the dark. Usually, we keep the bathroom light… Continue Reading “AFRICA: Day Seven (Busy And Fun Teaching)”

AFRICA: Day 6 (Experiencing A Nigerian Church Service)

So last night after I finished writing the blog, the power went out while Julie, my roommate, was in the shower. I was brushing my teeth with bottled water since the water here would make us sick. Both Julie and I said “oh no!”… Continue Reading “AFRICA: Day 6 (Experiencing A Nigerian Church Service)”

AFRICA: Day 5 (Loving And Leading Children)

It was a morning like every other with the sound of Julie’s laugh waking me up. I need to record it and put it as my alarm because I’m going to get too used to it after this trip! We had cinnamon rolls and… Continue Reading “AFRICA: Day 5 (Loving And Leading Children)”

AFRICA: Day Four (Going Into Darkness And Sharing Light)

Last night me and Julie were up till 1am laughing until we cried talking about some of our experiences! She started reading yesterdays blog that I wrote and randomly started laughing historically!With that said, I’m really tired writing tonight but I know you all… Continue Reading “AFRICA: Day Four (Going Into Darkness And Sharing Light)”

AFRICA: Day 3 (Experiencing Jos, Nigeria And Meeting Extraordinary People)

Today was another amazing, fun filled day! I woke up to Julie’s happy voice again and Pastor Marc came into the room so we could make pour over coffee since all they have is instant. We drank our coffee together and hung out. Julie… Continue Reading “AFRICA: Day 3 (Experiencing Jos, Nigeria And Meeting Extraordinary People)”

Day Two: Made It To Nigeria!

After waiting and eating my corn nuts, we got on our second flight by riding in a bus to our plane. On that fight, we all passed out and slept hard (except for Pastor Marc). I did also watch the new Dumbo movie and… Continue Reading “Day Two: Made It To Nigeria!”

Africa: Day One (The Send Off)

I feel like I’m on a roller coaster. The cart is clicking as it slowly climbs up the first, dramatic drop. It’s about to plunge into a fun drop but the anticipation is building and you have to place COMPLETE TRUST that the wheels… Continue Reading “Africa: Day One (The Send Off)”

Africa: Getting Shot With Yellow Fever (Our Trip To Grand Rapids To Recieve Immunization)

My missions trip to Africa is only a month away which means me and the team had to get our shots! I’ve missed a few normal shots since I haven’t been to the doctor in awhile so got those all done locally at the… Continue Reading “Africa: Getting Shot With Yellow Fever (Our Trip To Grand Rapids To Recieve Immunization)”

Africa: Thoughts Before The Trip (Inside Ideas For The Travel Blog)

Whenever I think of my trip to Africa in August, I think of the Lion King. Mostly, because I love animals! Elephants, Zebras, and Garaffs amaze me with their majestic features of wrinkled skin, patterned hides, and long necks! What are your favorite African… Continue Reading “Africa: Thoughts Before The Trip (Inside Ideas For The Travel Blog)”