Africa: Thoughts Before The Trip (Inside Ideas For The Travel Blog)

Whenever I think of my trip to Africa in August, I think of the Lion King. Mostly, because I love animals! Elephants, Zebras, and Garaffs amaze me with their majestic features of wrinkled skin, patterned hides, and long necks! What are your favorite African animals??

Me and 3 other team members from my church, The Anchor Church of God, in Stevensville, MI, are leaving for this sweet adventure in August! Even though I want to see animals, that’s not the reason I was called to go to Jos, Nigeria. The trip is to share the love of Jesus in a country where Hinduism and Christianity are battling for souls.

Here are some questions that I will continue to dig deeper in throughout my trip:

Why am I going to Africa?

After praying many nights, I am going to Africa because I want to be used by God to share the love Jesus gave me. Most of the time, on mission trips, the missionary is reached more than the natives. This time, I want us to be changed equally. Also, I want to experience what it’s like out of America. I know we are pretty spoiled here so it feels good to be humbled.

What do I want to accomplish while in Africa?

1) I want to show show the orphans, who I’m going to be spending time with, that God’s love is so strong that it reaches them too. That they are not alone in following Jesus. Demonstrating that Jesus loves them despite skin color, background, what village they live in, and if they dont have parents to care for them anymore.

2) Laugh tons with my team and new African friends to develop deep relationships.

3) Not to die on the way there and back!

4) I hope for the opportunity of going on a safari as well!

Do I have any worries?

Believe me. I have worries! Here are a few reasons why I have fears.

1) After hearing a plane malfunctioned and crashed that was going to Africa, I started to worry. Especially since America decided to continue to fly the same kinds of planes when other countries have taken them off their runways. Will I make it there and back without crashing?

2) Wondering if I can still make am impact in the lives of African children with the language barrier crosses my mind. Will it be hard to communicate?

3) Working with an interpreter scares me a bit. It might be weird having a “middle man” that I’ve never met be included in my conversations. You also have to trust that they are interpreting correctly since you don’t have any idea what they are saying.

4) Being split between Hinduism and Christianity, I’m somewhat scared we could actually be persecuted for my love for Jesus. I say I’m willing to suffer for Him, but I’ve never been in a life or death situation to know my actions back up my words. I pray that I would stand strong no matter what. The organization we are ministering through has never had any tragedy, but will we be the first to die while sharing our faith in Africa?

What will I blog about in Africa?

1) I will blog about our time traveling there and back.

2) I will blog about what the orphans are like.

3) I will blog about what the weather was like.

4) I will blog about how Christianity is different/similar over there.

5) I will blog about what I find out about the Nigerian culture

6) I will include TONS of pictures from Africa along with a vlog!

What would you like to see covered in my travel blog to Africa? Anything you want me to find out?

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