Favorites: High On The Hips And High On My List (Why I Like My High Waisted Suit)

High Waisted Swimsuit

High Waisted Bottoms

I’ve been leary of high waisted bathing suits thinking they made my legs and stomach look unflattering (Anyone else feel like this??), but when I seen these green high waisted swim bottoms at Old Navy, I decided to try them on with low expectations. To my amazement, I liked the way I looked in them! The seams in the front won me over, adding a stylish texture that I liked. They also made little wrinkles that gave it more likability!

Comfortable enough to wear ALL DAY!

Theses pictures were taken in Clearwater Beach, Florida where I wore my high waisted bottoms all day long! I even wore them under my jeans and didn’t even realize I was still wearing them. The elastic is spread throughout the suit which keeps it comfortably sturdy and isn’t extremely tight at the top. High waisted suits that are tight at the top transforms any belly into a muffin top so I was happy to discover this suit was perfectly fitted.

To shop these high waisted swim bottoms, follow THIS LINK.

Halter Bikini Top

As you might have found out, I am a smart shopper. I live to find good deals! Any other girls out there like that??!! What have your good finds been? This halter bikini top was found tucked behind the clearance rack at Kohls without a tag. I tried it on and fell in love with it! At the check out, since it didn’t have a tag, they gave me a wonderful deal that I couldn’t pass up! It is the most comfortable top I’ve ever tried on! Halter tops can strain my neck after awhile and I usually have to strip as soon as I get home from the beach because it was causing my neck to hurt. NOT THIS TOP! You are still able to buy this top on the Kohls website! You can either go to Krystal’s Kloset menu to see the link to this top and other pieces that are my favorites! You can also click HERE

Fun beach days are made

Like all my FAVORITES posts, this blog was not sponsored. I just like sharing my good finds with you, my followers!

Share your comments! I would love hearing about your good finds! Has anyone else had the same concerns about high waisted swimwear? Have you had good luck finding high waisted swim bottoms? Let me know!


  1. We have opposite problems with swim suits because I’m super short and you’re so not 😉 I do like a rouching on a swim suit like your green bottoms have. It’s a cute detail. I’ve found some great deals at Kohls too! It’s amazing how discounted some of the sale items can get, like practically nothing.

    1. Yah, it’s amazing how different everyone’s body types can be! Can you believe I’m the shortest in my family of 6! Kohl’s is a great place to shop, I agree! Thanks for spending time commenting! I always look forward to hearing from my followers!

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