Florida: This Is My Sunshine (Family Vacay To Clearwater Beach)

Every year me and my family drive down to Clearwater, Florida. The beach in Clearwater was voted the #1 beach in the country in 2018 by TripAdvisor but we have always liked Clearwater Beach. For the full article, click HERE

This year there were 9 of us who loaded into the 15 passenger van we rented from Enterprise. We like Enterprise, they usually upgrade us for free every time we use them! We took out the back seat to fit all of our luggage, which worked out super swell!

The van we rented from Enterprise

After driving 22 hours in the van, we made it to the condo we also rented for the week through HomeAway (similar to Airbnb). We were worried that the van wouldn’t fit in the parking garage, but we just made it! (You can see in the picture how close the top of the van was with the garage). The condo was around 1 mile to Clearwater beach, which was perfect for us because we like to walk but it wasn’t an overkill workout. On days that were a bit chilly, I would take walks with my warm coffee. I traveled with my mug as far as the pier.

Coffee walks
View from our condo
Enjoying Clearwater Beach

One thing about Clearwater Beach, Florida is the sand feels like velvet and is white as snow (but without the bitter coldness!). The beach has great volleyball nets that we usually spend time playing on. Me and my two sisters all played volleyball in High School so it’s fun taking on the guys in our family and usually end up winning bragging rights for the year.

High waisted swim bottoms from Old Navy

The high waisted bikini bottoms that I’m wearing in the pictures I really like! I found these comfortable bottoms at Old Navy and they hold up nice. To shop these bottoms, follow THIS LINK. The top is Beach Scene Collection brand found on Kohls online. Shop the top HERE. The sunglasses I’m wearing are Tommy Hilfiger which I’m very happy wearing since they have a firm, but comfortable fit and have 100% UV protection. I found them at T.J. Maxx but you can click on this LINK to shop the shades as well! None of these items are sponsored, I just like sharing my good finds!

Do you like when I include links to what I’m wearing? Is there anything else you would like to see linked? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from my followers!

Me and my sister at Clearwater Beach, Florida
Picked some flowers on our walk to the beach (Shorts and swim top linked)

On one of the hikes, some little yellow flowers caught my eye. As you most likely know, I really like my plants, especially succulents and cacti. It was funny that I happened to by wearing my succulent swim top! Go to the Krystal’s Kloset for the link to shop the succulent top! (The shorts are there too!)

Good to feel warm

Seeing the sun was greatly received after our Michigan Polar Vortex a couple weeks before we headed to Florida. The vortex made me appreciate the warm air immensely.

Appreciating the little things

Every ounce of sunlight was absorbed and spent outside. We took long walks on the beach. My walking buddy was my camera!

Beach hair, don’t care!
Beach days
Shells in Clearwater
Found a sponge!
Clearwater beach days
Walks and more walks!
Rocking out
One happy family with friends!

The nine of us (10 pictured with our added “brother”) travelled back to our home state after a week full of sunshine, walks, family dinners, and ice cream runs. We were all happy to be home to see friends and our dogs. Huntlie, my pup, still hasn’t left my side since I got home. She laid by my side as I took my 4 hours nap today!

Being trapped in a car for 20 hours with your family brings you closer…maybe more than you want. Living all together in a condo helped bring my separated family together. Cooking with and for everyone let us serve. Though there were arguments, disagreements, complaints, and impatience, we wouldn’t be a normal family without those things. Despite everything, we all know time together is precious and we wouldn’t trade that.

What are your family vacations like? Do you still go on family trips? Where would be your favorite destination?

Peacing out with Florida vibes!


  1. Florida looks so good on you! I don’t know if I could survive that long in a passenger van (terrible car sickness) but I’m all for a road trip to the beach 🙂 Something about taking a walk to a pier with a mug of coffee sounds just right.

    1. Haha thanks so much! It was very nice taking in the sun, making the drive worth it. I know the feeling, getting car sick myself when I try to read or look down at my phone. Taking naps help me get through. Hope you find a way that helps you out too! Yes, it was very relaxing taking my coffee along for the morning walks! I did feel a bit weird at first not taking a disposable cup, but then I realized if anyone asked, I could just say I’m saving the planet! Lol

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