Africa: Day One (The Send Off)

I feel like I’m on a roller coaster. The cart is clicking as it slowly climbs up the first, dramatic drop. It’s about to plunge into a fun drop but the anticipation is building and you have to place COMPLETE TRUST that the wheels will stay on the track and your seat belt will hold you in. I know it will be an exciting journey alongside 3 other fully devoted followers of Christ.

Some of you reading this are praying for our safety. Maybe you generously gave to help me raise all the funds to help send me. Maybe you follow my fashion/style/travel blog and ate interested in funding out what Nigeria is really like. However you know me, I’m truly grateful for you and I’m totally STOKED to share my adventure with you!!!

The Morning

Made and recieved some last calls telling everyone that I’ll miss and love them. Talked to my grandparents in Indiana telling them the plans. Kameron, my boy, took some time away from work so we could talk a few minutes and I could hear his voice one more time before leaving. Dad took off work and was out doing some plumbing but called wishing me the best on my trip. Called my sister on the way to church and caught up keeping her informed. My mom shared that that she would miss me as well since we’ve been hanging out a lot together lately. She did so much work trying to get me all set for the trip. Every reminder about taking my Malaria and Typhoid pills was a blessing because if I missed one dose, my chances of protection would decrease.

Being the awesome mom that she is, she dropped me off at the church. Hugs were given, farewells were made, and the engine of the church van, “Birtha”, was started. The gang was headed to the O’Hare Aiport in Chicago, Illinois!

Let me take a second to introduce the team of the four of us going.

First, there’s Julie! She is a bottle of joy and positivity! Her outfits are just as joyful and unique as she is! Having that caring heart, she looks after us, giving us compression socks to prevent blood clots while shooting on the long plane rides, providing us with a special mosquito tonic to wash or clothes in, and buying anti theft scanning bags for our passports. She broke her femur earlier this year and is riding in style with her foot hammock and gel neck pillow!

Next, we have Pastor Marc who was the planner of the trip and the first to chase this calling for Africa. He’s such a jokester once you grasp his personality! He’s always good at checking in with people and asking about their lives. Befor coming the pastor of our church, he was a drug abuse counselor pointing people to the Truth, which is what he will be focusing on while in Africa going to the “drug jungles”. He isn’t quite sure what that actually means yet, but is about to find out! He’s got a faith and trust in God that’s contagious.

I don’t want to forget about Joe! He is full of great stories and experiences that grab your attention. He works for a Christian financial organization so you know he has to be smart! He can probably teach me a thing or twenty about finances lol He’s big into nature and Star Wars which we are talking and laughing about on our way to the airport!

Ok, that leaves me, the goofball and energetic one who is restless on the plane right now! I’m super laid back dreamer who gets excited about the folding cup holders on the plane. I don’t let things get to me and joke around as much as possible… even when the TV in front of me doesn’t work lol I finally finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix while sailing 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, which I’ve been saving to watch for an occasion like this. It’s such a good show! Ahhhh!

Julie’s husband, Nathan, drove us to the airport and got us there in record time! He even helped us unload. Nathan and Niki, Pastor Marc’s wife, were our officially sent us on our way and made it back to the church.

We checked in and made it past security with minimal pat downs lol I think the zippers on my pants might have showed up on their radar. To recover, we needed some coffee from Starbucks. It was over $10 for a mocha and a water! Oh well, that’s what airports do since we cant bring water in gettin the outside.


This plane is HUGE!!! At least the biggest plane I’ve ever been on lol It has the 3 rows of seats! The airline we’ve been riding in is called Lufthansa. I recommend it! We made it to our seats and found a cute, little pillow, blanket, and headset waiting for us! They have TVs with free movies, fancy trays, cupholders, USB charging on the armrests, spotlights controlled with buttons, a full dinner served with drinks (I had chicken teriyaki), and great service!

All four of us got to sit next to eachother! Yayyyyy! We have shared laughs and twizzlers while entertaining ourselves with electronics and movies. We’ve been on this place for almost 8 hours but staying strong!

We made it to Germany for our layover now. Unfortunately, we had to go through customs AGAIN! I had to chug my $5 water real quick and I must have looked suspicious because I got a pat down and had to sit down and she patted my legs/feet. I asked her if she gave foot messages lol She laughed!

Julie got questioned about her liquids. She told them they were small ones but he was like “I didn’t ask the size, I asked if you had liquids” I guess she looked suspicious too lol

Joe was fine but Pastor Marc had his whole backpack torn apart since something showed up in their system. I didn’t think they were as strict here since you didn’t have to take your belt or shoes off unless asked but they were a bit picky. Better to be more careful I guess!

Some guy was causing a scene arguing with the German police holding guns getting in their faces and we were like “hope that guy isn’t on our flight” lol

While we were waiting by our terminal, Pastor happend to asked about pir flight and they changed it on us so now we are waiting to board. Its like 3am back home!

I’ll let you all know when we make it to Africa for “day 2” (I put that in parenthesis since the time is all weird going through all the time changes!)

For more info about what we are doing in AFRICA, click this link: AFRICA TRIP

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