OUTFIT OF THE DAY: My Spring Mother’s Day Look (With Exact & Similar Links)

Spring 2020 Fashion


As you all know, I’m not much for cool colors, but this blue wrap dress is PERFECT! I’m a decently modest dresser (the times I may not be are accidental lol) The length is ideal and it’s not too low, which is hard to find sometimes when it dinges to wrap dresses. I was wondering how comfortable the sleeves would be since they are cinched, but they are loose and dony bigger me at all! I got this dress in a size 6 so it was slightly oversized, which is what I wanted. I would say it’s true to size, but I went larger for length and more flow.

Boohoo Blue Wrap Dress


These boots are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE over the knee boots because of the quality, the rich color, the pointed toe, and how they stay up. I love how they make my legs look too! I don’t usually do this, but I got them in all 3 colors because I loved them so much! I’m wearing a 40 (size 9) and fit just right on me (I’m usually a 8.5). If you are looking for a perfect pair of over the knee boots, I HIGHLY recommend! Wait for a sale though because they are an investment. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to find used (I tried for almost a year to find a used pair). This is like a must for all fashion bloggers out there! I’ve seen like every fashion blogger wear these. I was influenced big time, but I’m totally on board with these! Way too cute to pass up! I get questions, positive reactions, and compliments every time I wear them out! Also, they are actually comfortable! I have walked a few miles in them and they have been ok.

Goodnight Macaroon Boot Review


This wide brimmed hat is adorable and fits me nicely since it adjusts. I also like it because it has a firm brim and well made. I can never get floppy hats to flop right and they look weird. It is a bit wide, but I like that unique feature! I have a tiny head so I have it tightened up all the way. It also stays on well in wind. At least it stays on the best of all my hats. Got the price, you get a great hat!

VICI Hat Review


Blue Dress
Billbong Blue Wrap Dress
JC Penney Over The Knee Boot


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