OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Sharing My Casual Outfit And Why I Like Each Piece (With Links To My Look!)

Being a casual style fashion blogger on a budget, I put together this cute outfit for you all! I’m trying something new and explaining why I like each piece! The photos below have links so tap them to shop!


This scrunchie had truly won my heart over! I love them so much that I have them in almost every color! I love them because they wrap around my small bun and create a full look to my hair. I have fine hair, so I’ve never loved a hair piece so much like I love these! They come in so many colors too!


I love this high quality sweatshirt! It surprised me by how thick it is and the fox print is perfect! From far away, you can tell I have foxes on my sweatshirt, unlike some prints that are so small that you can’t even tell they are foxes. The pretty deep orange foxes are adorable and it was such a good find! I thifted mine off of DEPOP, but you can still buy them new. Linking the cheapest new one from a boutique.


I loved the gold ring and chain details on the designer Chloe bags but I don’t have it in my budget to spend almost $3,000 on one purse. I found a dupe on Amazon that I’m pleased with and love how it adds the appearance of having a fancy bag without the price! My keys are on a clip and I simply snap them right on the ring making them convenient when running in a store. The only setback is that you can’t fill it too full otherwise it doesn’t snap closed or takes a weird shape when packed. It’s great for essentials though!


I tried on these wide leg pants on at the J. Crew store (when stores were open) and instantly loved how they looked on me! They have a slight stretch in them, making them comfortable and have the “magic pockets” which hold more support around the waist. I’m a fan of 11in high waisted pants too so I like that they have this feature as well!


Madewell creates high quality pieces that are simple, practical, and stylish! These loafers are one of my favorite shoes because they match everything! Whenever I run into a pinch and don’t have any shoes that match with my outfit, these are the solution! The only thing I dislike is that the pad slides out when you take your foot out which can be annoying, but not a deal breaker.


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