Blitz Days As A BANGS SHOES Ambassador (How I Became One, What It Entails, And My Photos)

How I Became An Ambassador

When I saw ads pop up on Instagram about Bangs shoes, I thought they were the CUTEST THING! The embroidery was so unique and totally me since I LOVE TO HIKE! I drooled over them for months before I decided to reach out and apply to become a BANGS AMBASSADOR.

The next day, I received an email back. I was so nervous! Doubtful that I made it since my number of followers wasn’t there highest, I opened the email. To my surprise, I MADE IT!!!!! I accepted the invite and ordered my favorite pair after reading about how their program worked. I was stoked!

About BANGS Ambassador Program

The program they offer is well thought out and personal. Here are some responsibilities and perks when you are a BANGS ambassador:


When you become a BANGS ambassador, you recieve 30% off your purchases and they also give a 10% off discount code for you to give your followers. If YOU are interested in the discount code, I will give it out if you send me a message, email, or DM (I’m not allowed to give it out on posts).


“Blitz Days” are when all BANGS ambassadors are given a date where they upload and post a photo on Instagram about BANGS shoes.

For example, a text is given to all ambassadors to remind them to post on Black Friday with a caption that includes the theme of the month. A theme could be something like “new beginnings” so in the post, you would include a story of how you are going to begin the upcoming new year by beginning to hike more often. BANGS shoes can help you start the new beginning off on the right AND left foot!!! GET IT!!! They also tell you to include the appropriate hashtags like #bangsambassador #bangshoes #bangsblitz.

After you participate and post, you recieve a text thanking you for posting. BANGS will share their favorites on their story and page!


You can make yourself known and chat with other BANGS ambassadors by downloading an app called “Slack”, which is kinda similar to the GroupMe app where you can start a large group message. This is an optional opportunity to network.


You don’t necessarily HAVE to buy a pair of shoes to be an ambassador, but you want to let your followers know you are behind the brand you are advertising so it’s a good idea to make that purchase. Wearing BANGS in posts speak more than a caption talking about them.

If you didn’t want to buy a pair, you would post a photo and share the Blitz Day themed caption. As long as you use the given hashtags, you are fine.


I didn’t want to advertise a brand that I didn’t personally like so I purchased my favorite pair. I thought they were cute looking but were they going to be comfortable? Converse shoes are cute, but they aren’t super comfortable so I was wondering how these shoes would compare since they resemble each other.

I was actually surprisingly impressed! The soles of BANGS shoes were thicker than expected and felt like you were walking on memory foam! I’ve also worn them on hikes and periods of long walking trips. I haven’t had any problems with them rubbing, getting cold, or slipping!

I was sold on them! Knowing my followers enjoy unique, cute, and comfortable pieces like me, I had no problem showing them off in posts and stories! I’m HUGE into creating casual, unique, comfortable, affordable, and stylish outfits, so these shoes were so easy to push!

My Campaign Posts

I wanted to show off my BANGS with a bang! I wanted to wear a cute outfit that would bring them out, but not take away from these amazing shoes! Since the theme was about exploring outdoors, I chose a rusty orange colored jacket, flannel, and jeans. Cute and outdoorsy! It was a simple outfit that contained warm colors to match my feed!

I then created a Christmas time post in my childhood tree farm holding the pair of BANGS! It also turned out great!

Lastly, I then chose to post a series of photos waering my BANGS in the first real snowfall of the season! It was a cold shoot, but then turned out so pretty!



BANGS has many different, creative, colorful, and unique embroidered designs on their shoes. They also have 3 different styles to choose from (low tops, high tops, and combat boot styles). TAP THE PHOTOS BELOW TO SHOP (I will include my favorites).