OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Summer Look By Madewell And The Photoshoot (With Details About The Photo And Links!)

This is one of my favorite looks right here and its ALL thanks to Madewell. Well, at least the outfit is! I also want to thank my sister who willingly made my vision a reality with this shot!

The shot was inspired my the Beverly Hills fashion shoots with the tall, skinny palms in perfect rows down the boulevards. I didnt have to travel to L.A. to get this perfect shot though! As soon as I saw these trees when we driving to our Airbnb, I knew what I wanted to capture!

Madewell is one of my all time favorite brands so I decided to wear a full outfit from them. I’m actually wearing a swimsuit under the raw hemmed denim skirt. The sneakers are also from them as well!

I wanted an action shot so instead of pulling out my tripod, I asked my sister to be my photographer. I gave her all the necessary instructions, my vision, and when to snap the photo and she did so well!

This is easily in my top favorite photos on my Instagram! If you arn’t following me yet on Insta, my username is @krystalsmindblog. I have many fun, cute, and casual outfit photos posted on there!

How the photos turned out from the shoot:

Shop The Look:

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