Personal: What Got Me Into Fashion Blogging And Influencing (How It All Began)

My Story

I grew up a small town girl in Buchanan, Michigan wearing used clothes to create unique outfits. My wardrobe consisted of overalls and elastic waistbands because jeans would not stay up on my skinny frame (I didn’t fill out until around 12 years old. According to some people, I still haven’t filled out LOL). I didn’t have tons of new clothes but I didn’t care because my older cousin and great grandma, Vivian, who was the same size as me, gave us big, black garbage bags filled with clothes they didn’t want anymore. It was like Christmas morning! I would pick through the bags and choose pieces that I couldn’t wait to style!

You might be asking, “You wore your great grandma’s clothes?!” Yes, yes I did! She had great style! When I wore her clothes, I would get compliments and say, “Thanks, it was my great grandma’s!” When she found a piece she liked, she bought it in ALL colors made! I remember liking a cardigan she gave me and I found the same cardigan over and over but in different colors. I wore those so many times the buttons fell off!

My style over the years:

I’ve always had an unique style. I would get compliments all the time on my outfits, which made me want to create new ways of wearing my used pieces. As I got older, I longed for a pair of Hollister jeans, which was the brand all the “cool kids” were wearing. Back then, I couldn’t afford a pair on my $5 a week allowance. Eventually, I ended up finding a pair at a thrift store. I was excited!

After wearing those jeans, I realized I only wanted them to fit in instead of being creative on my own, I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I wanted to be my own person and have my own, personal style. That day, I decided I would never buy something just because it was popular. I would buy a piece that made me excited and fit with my style. I have people and influencers that inspire some of my outfits, but I don’t let them dictate what I wear.

My Inspiration

Taylor Swift was, and still is, my inspiration for fashion. I’ve always thought her style was super cute! Pinterest was getting big so I remember pinning all my favorite outfits she wore on the streets. To this day, as I thumb through clothes racks, I notice my finds resemble a touch of her style.

Taylor swift photoshoot I did! Wearing my Keds!

I’ve gone through color phases throughout the years, but I’ve grown a liking to warm colors because they make me happy! I like browns, oranges, yellows, and greens (green isn’t a warm color, but taking a liking to it). I’ve ALWAYS warn comfy, casual clothes so pretty much all my outfits on my Instagram feed and blog posts reflect that. So many people stop and tell me they like my outfits in public so I’m kind of like a walking billboard for my blog. I create stylish outfits that are practical and great for everyday errands and life in general.

While I was interning at a student ministry of 200 students, I needed outfits that I could run around in, play dodgeball in, demonstrate an example of modesty, and teach in, while sill looking professional for when their parents showed up. This is when I really started to improve on my style creativity. I experimented with leggings, flannel, casual dresses, and stretchy, flexible jeans! Parents and co-workers always made comments that I made modesty cute! They appreciated that I was a good roll model for their girls when it came to fashion. You don’t have to advertise what’s not for sale for others to take notice!

The start of the blog…

I was scrolling through my personal instagram account and started following this local photographer who was doing a 365 photo challenge. The 365 photo challenge is when a photo is posted everyday for a year that displays what is important to the photographer. I was inspired by her and decided to try it. I was posting a photo for almost 50 days straight when I came across some fashion blogger and influencer accounts. I started following them and fell in love with what they were doing. So much, in fact, that I totally changed my account over to a fashion blogger account. I began posting outfit photos and gaining a following slowly, but surely.

I’ve had a blog for years but it wasn’t until I followed other fashion bloggers over Instagram that helped me discover how to use my fashion passion to create a blog centered around that love. I wanted to share and inspire others with my unique, creative, comfortable, affordable, and casual styles so others could scroll through my outfits and be inspired like I am.

I researched and decided to go with WordPress for publishing my website. Many bloggers use it because you are able to do more coding and create a more personalized look to your website even though it can be complicated at times. I worked on it for months before releasing it to the public and advertising it.

When I started posting outfit photos on my Instagram and tagging the brands I was wearing, brands left comments wanting me to collaborate with them. I wasn’t expecting so many offers and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to become an influencer. I was very hesitant since I knew some of them could be scammers. A boutique ended up commenting and I checked them out. Loving their pieces, I became a brand ambassador! I was excited and now want to do more influencing! As some of you know, I took up a few other brands that I enjoy as well and have high hopes of going even further!

That is the basic overview of how I started my blog. I have many hopes and dreams for my blog. It has been so fun creating outfits and taking photos for over a year now and I’m excited to continue! I hope that I spark your inner fashionista as I post “outfit of the days” on Instagram stories or write blogs including links to my looks along with styling tips.

You all keep me creating great posts! Leave a comment about how I inspire you or a suggestion of how I can help you more as you style pieces you love! Keep styling and smiling!

Do you have any further questions about how it all started?

If you are a blogger, how did your blog start?


  1. After watching your I’m also so jealous and i want to start a own fashion you are the influencer to start my own blog .

    1. Haha thats how I got started! I stumbled upon influencers and was like, that looks fun! I want to blog too! I thought I was unqualified, but it’s one of those things where you just have to START and see where it goes! I mainly just do it for fun! If you need a tip, let me know! I’ve watch tons of YouTube videos and researched about blogging a ton when I first started so I had a foundation, but it’s been great! You would love it!

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