PERSONAL: Corona Story And What Is Helping Me Through The Pandemic (With Ideas To Keep You Busy While Staying In)

I‘m a fashion and lifestyle blogger, but I wanted to take a second to share and used this platform to bring us all in this together.

When the outbreak of the Corona Virus struck, I wasn’t worried. I survived to flu so how bad could this virus be? I thought it would blow over rather quickly and the media was just blowing up something small to get everyone to panic and watch the news.

I received an email from FedEx saying my order from Goodnight Macaroon, an online fashion store (they have the BEST over the knee boots!), would be delayed due to the Corona outbreak. I had ordered my favorite pair of boots in black and was excited to get them, but I was willing to wait. I wasn’t sure if the virus could live on packages. This was the first sign that it was starting to get bigger than I thought.

These boots are from Goodnight Macaroon and my favorite boots!

A couple days past and I was still hearing about this virus. I was in Clearwater, Florida on a family vacation when I heard that it spread to the United States. There were warnings about washing your hands and staying 6 feet away from other people. I started to think about what this would mean for jobs, schools, and events.

While in Florida, my boyfriend, Kameron, got us free tickets to see Taylor Swift at the March Madness championship event! He was notified as a Capital One card holder that it was possible to get on a waiting list to get free tickets. I kept texting him and reminding him to call so that we could get them! I was super excited to see my favorite artist again!

Our vacation came to an end and the virus continued to spread. The poor cruise ship passengers were quarantined and travelers were being checked. I started hearing all kinds of information about the virus and I still don’t know which is true from an accurate source. All I know is that the virus affects the respiratory system and allowing fluid to enter the lungs. Victims of the virus had to be on venerators if the virus got too bad.

Thinking about myself, I thought I would just live my life the same and didn’t have to worry about myself. I was young and I should be able to fight it off. But then I became more cautious because I could carry the virus to someone who would not be able to fight it off as easily. I do not want to be the cause someone else to get this vicious virus.

On Friday, Trump declared the Corona virus to be a pandemic. All the schools in Michigan are closed until after their spring break. They have 3 weeks of not attending school. Teachers made up packets for the students to complete at home. My sister, Emily, who is in college, is watching her lectures online. Churches who have more than 250 in their congregations are live streaming their sermons for tomorrow. My boss from the YMCA I am a personal trainer/fit desk attendant at contacted me. She told me we had to wipe down all the equipment EVERY HOUR. Kameron received an email that the March Madness event was cancelled.I was bummed but knew that was the right thing to do.

Social media was filled with memes about the virus and photos of empty shelves in the stores. Stores were setting limits on supplies and that’s when I was asking myself, “Should I be panicking too?” My dad decided to check out how it was out there so I decided to go with him to the stores. We decided to go to smaller stores since we figured the big stores would be the ones everyone would be hitting up. I imagined it was going to be like black Friday and The Walking Dead combined.

To my surprise, it was nothing like The Walking Dead. Food still filled the shelves at Shelton’s and Big Lots. People were calm and casually strolling through the isles. It seemed totally normal. At Big Lots, a lady bought $115 worth of bleach, which was in sane! There were no more toilet paper rolls in sight. We didn’t need any but I think it’s kinda funny out of everything in the store, that is what people go for!

Today Michigan declared all restaurants and bars to be closed starting at 3pm. I went into work at the YMCA and they notified us that they will be closing their doors until March 31st. I will be out of my job until then. I still have my church job for now but if we have to close our church doors, I’m not going to be able to pay off my debt anytime soon. I know God always provides, but this is crazy!

Some of you know that I am dating the most amazing man, Kameron, who lives 3.5 hours away from me. I don’t get to see him much as it is so the times we do get to see each other are cherished. He told me yesterday that he may have been exposed to the Corona virus through a co-worker. He is now working from home and is staying in for a couple weeks just in case. I always miss my Kameron, but after a couple weeks I start to REALLY miss him to almost a depressional state. I was desperately looking forward to seeing him but when he shared that our plans had to be cancelled, it tore me apart. Talking on the phone isn’t the same for me. I am a super relational person so being away from him takes a toll on me. I understand and know in my head that it is for the best, but my heart saddens being away from him so long. This is why I need Jesus in my life. I don’t know where I would be without my Savior. My heart hurts for those who are facing even worse conditions during this time and are facing them without Jesus.

So this leaves me to where I am at know: typing out my Corona Virus story in my freshly spring-cleaned room. I’m a little concerned about the virus, but I’m not letting it affect my emotions. Washing my hands for 20 seconds and avoiding busy areas are the main precautions I am taking. I have been allowing this pandemic to bring me closer to Jesus and His Word. He is the One giving me peace during this time. I don’t know if you are a believer in Jesus, but I want to share a verse with you that has been helping me through this pandemic and it reads:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understand, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:6-7

How are you all doing during this pandemic? What has been helping you through this time? Let me know. I would love to heard your thoughts.

Ways To Keep You Busy At Home To Avoid The Virus:

1) Spring Cleaning And Rearranging

The last couple days, I’ve been cleaning and rearranging my furniture for a fresh, clean atmosphere. Dust just piles up during the winter and it turned my rag black after I was done! I’m starting to swap out my winter decor for spring as well. Goodbye evergreens, hello flowers!

2) Reading A Book, Blog, Or Magazine

Reading gets your mind working and shifts your thinking from what has been going on with this virus to something else. I love learning about new topics so this is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself!

3) Try On Outfits

I like styling and matching pieces in different ways so going through my closet and finding out what I like best excites me! My next project is putting together some cute, spring outfits to display on my Instagram and on my blog! Stay tuned!

4) Call Up A Friend

I have friends who I totally adore, but I need to catch up with so badly. I can use this opportunity to give them a call and check in on them. While working near Detroit, I developed some awesome friendships and I miss them like crazy!

5) Get Creative

Even if you aren’t artistically gifted, you could get out your paint brushes, colored pencils, wood burning kit, or crayons. See what you can create while putting on some calm music. It is so relaxing!

6) Compile A Playlist

Discover some new songs on Spotify and create playlists for yourself and friends! I seem to never have time to check out new songs and play my favorites over and over so now is the time to venture out! Also, it was so fun when my boyfriend and I created playlists for each other!

7) Clean Out Your Purse Or Makeup Bag

My purses collect many random things as I go about my days. Once my purse starts bulging, I take that as a sign it needs going through and cleaning it out. What if I cleaned it now before it gets worse! My makeup bag is also filled with unnecessary items that don’t need to be in there so it’s good to go through your bag when you have a chance.

8) Find New Recipes

Go on Pinterest and find some recipes you want to try! If you have the ingredients without having to run to the store, you could even make them right on the spot! If you are like me, you have recipes pinned but never made. Give them a try!

9) Spend Time With Or Train Your Pet (if you have them)

This idea only applies if you have a pet. I have a dog named Huntlie and she is a German Shepherd mix. I’ve taught her some fun tricks like bowing, playing dead, and giving kisses. She makes me happy and I love spending time with her. She is my bundle of joy.

10) Journal

I love writing in the pages of a journal! I enjoy writing my prayers out, share stories, or thoughts I have. If you aren’t as much into writing, you could also start a SMASH JOURNAL! If you have never heard of smash journaling, it is a journal where you are able to write, paint, glue photos, draw, and decorate according to what you are feeling. It is so fun! I’ve gotten over a periods of depression through creating a Smash Journal! Look up ideas on Pinterest to start creating one of your own!

11) Grateful List

Being thankful makes your heart content and helps you become more positive. See how much you have to be thankful for around you!

12) Beinge Watch TV

Whether you have Netflix or DVDs,take this time to catch up on shows you’ve heard were good or movies that you love watching and make you happy.

13) Browse Online Stores

I love discovering new online shops or going on my favorite online stores to check out the new spring lines. Even if I’m not tapping “add to cart”, it is fun finding my favorites and the styles that I like! On most online shops, you can create an account and compile a list of your favorite pieces! So much fun!

I am praying for you all during this confusing and crazy time. Stay healthy and safe. Let me know if there is any way I can help you all. Love you!


  1. It’s so interesting hearing other people’s stories but I’m just not sure I want to share mine on my blog—I appreciate your advice and bravery!
    I feel very anxious since I already have an immune disease, Chrohns.
    I’m praying for the best as well! xx

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