Inspiring Creators: Mallory On The Moon

WHO INSPIRES YOU ON INSTAGRAM? Whether it’s a unique shot, someone who shares encouraging content, can style the most perfect outfits, or is able to write a caption flawlessly, HOW DO INSTAGRAMMERS INSPIRE YOU?

I look up to a so many creators on Instagram and sometimes they are totally different but something in them just attracts me to their account. What keeps me following them is their creative take on something simple. Maybe their use of color attracts me. Maybe their outfit attracts me. Maybe their unique camera angle attracts me. If they give me a hint of inspiration, I give them a follow!

Wearing @ShopMallaryOnTheMoon pieces

I want to mention Mallory On The Moon because she is one who inspires me by creating beautiful posts, shares her full-blown energetic self, has an eye for colorful creations, shares real life with us through her stories, and loves Jesus. I was so excited when she announced that she was releasing a line of clothes and accessories that SHE designed!! The same day she released her line, I snagged her cozy rainbow sweater! Usually, I’m not one for flashy colors and tend to lean towards neutrals but Mallory chose the perfect shades of color that caught my eye. You should totally check out her shop and her account.

Photoshoot wearing my sweater and hair clips from the Mallary On The Moon shop!

She is an amazing creator and designer! If you follow her stories, you know that she bought a house and is fixing it up! I’m so excited to see how she transforms it since her style is so cute and colorful!

Mallory, thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us and designing beautiful pieces for us to enjoy! I’m LOVING your sweater and hair clips! The day I got my sweater, I literally wore it 3 days in a row (including sleeping overnight in!).

Also, I personally thank you, Mallory, for inspiring me to create and be excited about chasing my dream of becoming at least half as phenomenal as you are!!! You go girl!


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