Personal: 10 Reasons Why I Started A Blog

Why did I start a blog? It really doesn’t make sense. Some may say it is a waste of time. Others may say it will never last. People lose interest in blogs and they are hard to keep up with because you forget to update them after awhile. Although, I keep going back to the idea of creating a blog for these main reasons:

1) Opportunity To Tell Stories

There is something about sharing a story. You can make it your own. You can include what you want to add. You get excited to see how others respond to it. You get to be heard. In my blogs, I want to share stories because everyone can relate to a story in some way and trigger a good memory of their own. Also, when you share a story, it means you really care about what you are talking about as well. Sharing is caring! I started a blog so I can make people laugh, think, and grow through my life’s stories.

2) Understanding My Mind

Some people are hard to figure out. Most people stop trying to understand who I am because I can be difficult to read sometimes. I have a goofy side but underneath all the fun, I have a serious, sensitive side I use to reflect on the important things in life. I also want to represent other single millennial girls to help others understand what really goes on inside their heads. You may discover some things that you never knew we actually think of. I wanted to start a blog to help people understand who I am and give them a taste of what goes on in my mind.

3) Teach From Life Experiences

I don’t know everything, but I know some things. When I discover something great, I can’t keep it to myself. I want to show and teach someone else what I learned. Seeing their face after they “get it” is fulfilling. Also, I know how it feels being left in the dark confused and I don’t want anyone to have to go through that so I want to be the light that helps them understand. I started a blog so I can teach others valuable life lessons, my latest jokes, and any other random information they would like to know.

4) Journaling Is My Fav

I have always liked to write. I started writing in a diary when I was 8 years old. My first diary had cute, little mice on the cover that I bought at Target. Ever since then, I started to like journaling. Now, I do a lot of writing in my prayer journal. I like to write down prayers so I don’t get distracted while praying. I like writing down thoughts since it helps me reflect on who I am and how I think. I started a blog so I can continue my love for journaling.

5) Giving Incite

I tend to have a different perspective than what a normal person has which really gives others incite to new directions. I’m super positive all the time. People often find me responding to their dreary complaints with a beaming ray of hope. Some appreciate it while others say “Go jump in a hole, I’m not a morning person”. I also thought it would be neat to give incite to family members, significant others, friends, or anyone else interested on what really goes on in the mind of a 21st century millennial girl’s mind these days.  I started a blog to give people incite by sharing a new perspective.

6) Way To Reflect On Life

I am not a thinker. I took the Myers-Briggs test and it showed that I am a 3% Thinker and a 97% Feeler. I only think when I have to. I have to push myself to think through things but if I use the word reflect then I am more likely to spend some extra time in that area. Writing things out helps me learn since I’m a visual learner. I started a blog so I can spend time learning from life experiences.

7) Help Others

I really like to help others. In fact, one of the reasons why my ex decided it was a good idea to break up is because I was overly helpful. I still don’t understand that one. He was an engineer so I may never understand. If I have the ability to help someone, I take every opportunity I can. Most of the time people ask for help in the creative aspect and I am extremely happy about helping them out. I started a blog because I believe I can help people through what I have discovered so far in life.

8) A Way For Me To Influence And Inspire

I am an influencer. I attempt to parkour using a tree. My friend sees how fun it looks and lands on his butt trying to parkour using a tree. It ends with laughs and memories. People also say I inspire them with the way I live my life. When I am passionate about something, I go for it and really sell it to people. I started this blog to positively influence and inspire people to chase after their callings in life.

9) Let My Creativity Wander

Being super creative, I look for opportunities to use my gift to improve everything around me. Pinterest is my friend and inspires me all the time. I like to be different than the world but get the world’s attention. What that means is that I could see that leg warmers are in but ask myself if there is an improved way to wear them like folding them over. (That’s just an example…I have never owned a pair of leg warmers!) I also like to design things to make them appealing to the eye. I love downloading fun fonts to make the simplest of cards pop. I started this blog so I can use my creativity in a way that catches people’s eye.

10) Document My Thoughts

It is really neat to look back at your 10 year old self and see how far you have come. My spelling has actually improved since then and not just because spell check exists now. Memories are sparked when you read about the time you visited the Golden Gate Bridge or when you wrote about having a crush on the actor who played Almanzo Wilder in the Little House on the Prairie Series you watched at 5pm on weekdays after school. Spending time looking back on your thoughts is always rather interesting. I started a blog so I can look back on my past thoughts to remember how far I’ve come or remember what I learned.

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