Black Businesses That Sell Creative Pieces! (Importance For Support And Links)

Now, more than ever, we need to support and stand WITH our black brothers and sisters.

Since I have a lifestyle/fashion blog, I thought I would share some businesses that got my attention and want to support! When I went to Africa last year, I discovered that my African brothers and sisters are VERY CREATIVE and make the most unique pieces! While I was there, I got some woven pot holders and coasters that I use under my plants and love! They are so aesthetic! My head wrap and dress also supported a young girl going off to college in Jos, Nigeria! She did such an amazing job and we all became friends! I was going to go back again this year, but COVID wouldn’t allow us to travel.


When we buy from our black small businesses, it helps create more jobs, builds up the communities, which then helps school districts, parks, community centers, and the whole area prosper, helps the economy, assists families, pours into someone’s dreams, provides an avanue for creativity to flourish, diminishes crime because of more possibilities for positive opportunities to get involved in, and keeps more small owned businesses open.



These ladies created a business that is helping woman out of poverty through this business that creates great bags, home decor, and jewelry! The woman who make these pieces use the funds to support their family since many men in the United Nations use the money they earn on themselves, leaving the woman to support their family
Cute purses!
Detailed bag
Colorful woven basket
Basket you can use for a plant


Hadiya works in Wahington DC making the cutest clay and print creations! She adds a modern twist while still including cultural designs
Homemade clay pieces
She created the design for this throw pillow!
These are soap dishes she makes! They are so cute!


Meet twin brothers Dexter and Byron who create great pieces by involving their community and the majority of their products are made from recycled material!
Ceramic cups in the perfect color!
Simple bag for the market


If you like boho, you will love Jungalow! Justina, the founder, started off as a blogger and now she designs the most beautiful pieces! I totally love her shop! I’ve included so many of my favorites!
3 piece plant vases
Wire Plant Holder
Pot made with mirrors!
Wall hanging
Brass framed mirror
Leaf print outdoor pillow
Bed quilt
Patterned rug
Crafted pitchers
This lovely patterned tank!
These balloon pants are so cute and look so comfy!
Had to include more shots of these balloon pants!
Balloon plants in honey color (my fav)
Printed scarves
Designed wall paper
Modern wallpaper
Wall Art
Wall art
“Michigan Stones” print
Shower curtain


These two sisters, ZING (top) and NEF (bottom) formed a business together! NEF started creating while in high school when her dad gave her $100 and drove her to the craft store. ZING helps her model while chasing her dream of being a pastry chef! Power team!
Perfect tie-dye crewneck
Unique jewelry

Paige’s Candle Co

Paige makes natural candles and leads candle making workshops! She is such a hard worker and just look at the candles she makes! Love the scents she chooses!
Soy candle in Lavender
Soy candle in jasmine and honeysuckle


This is Jasz from The Bronx, NY, and she makes the neatest baskets and other woven pieces! She has 3 daughters that she supports by selling her pieces!
Beautiful woven pieces
Basket set
Round bag
Blue round woven bag
Cute woven baskets
Woven serving trays


This is Brielle and she is a fellow blogger and designer fighting racism! She has the cutest swimsuits!
Scalloped one piece swimsuit
Floral swimsuit
Polka dotted swimsuit


Meet Akosua who handcrafts beautiful pieces hearing traditional techniques!
Cute woven bag with poms
Honey pot shaped bag

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