MY SIMPLE NIGHTLY ROUTINE: How I Get Ready For Bed And Products I LOVE! (Includes Skincare Tips And Links!)


At night, is when I really care for my skin. I have always had “problem skin” and acne so I try to heal my skin by taking care of my face every night. I want to heal my skin rather than covering it up with makeup. I am sharing some GREAT TIPS FROM MY FACIAL EXPERT! Instead of investing a lot of money into products that never work, I invested in someone to show me how to care for my skin. Now, I’m my own “facial expert” and can care for myself and stopped going to get facials, which were $80 per visit, but worth the investment because I KNOW what works for me now!

Most of what I’m about to share will work for almost everyone since I’m not sharing much chemical-filled products that work on everyone differently, but actual skin healing techniques that I do before bed.


When I’m ready to relax at the end of the day,  I change into some cozy lounge wear and put up my hair (if it’s not all ready)! I love my green lounge set from Missguided and my silk super scrunchies from Free People!


I bet you are expecting some elaborate products and specific details but this is as simple and cheap as it can get! So here it is: I take a Kleenex and fold it into a square, then lighly wet the corner with water.  To clean my makeup, grease, and sweat off from the day, I wipe my face and neck (On some days I use 2 Kleenex if I feel some more grime). If you put too much water on the Kleenex, it will shred, so I only put enough to wipe off my face.

Why do I use a Kleenex? It’s a cheap, disposable, and sanitary item I can really wipe off my face. I don’t stain towels with my makeup and bacteria doesn’t collect or grow since they are covered and dry in the box. I also don’t really wear tons of makeup, so it works for me! Every time I try to use a face wash, it changes the Ph of my skin and irritation occurs. I also don’t like using TONS of chemicals on my skin. If I can avoid some, then I do. My skin HATES Proactive and it trashed the Ph of my facial skin so I stay away from that, but I was desperate as a teen and the commercials gave me hope for clear skin but totally didn’t work for me. After that, just water for me. Pure, clean water! Keeping it simple here!


Here and there when I have more time, I use a facial brush and water to scrub and lighly exfoliate my face as well. I put a headband on when I do this to keep may hair out of the way. This really gets down deep into my pores. Usually, once a week I use the brush.

Facial brush with stand I use that I got from Walgreens

Every couple weeks I do a more drastic exfoliating process by using facial razors I get from Amazon for cheap (around $1 each and last me months) to remove the dead skin cells, which are the real pore cloggers for me. I used to go to a facial expert every week and she would exfoliate my face and it did wonders! I can’t recommend this enough!

Facial exfoliating razor I found on Amazon (come in a pack of 3)

Right after I exfoliate, my skin gets a little red, but feels so smooth! I do my exfoliating before bed because during the night, my skin regenerates and in the morning the redness disappears. I never exfoliate after a shower because the redness stays longer for me and my skin is more flexible so it’s harder to glide over your face and really get the dry, dead skin cells to flake off. Like I said, I only do this method every couple weeks.


I always thought my face was TOO moisturized by the excess oil naturally produced so when my facial expert told me my face was dry and I needed to moisturize, I didnt think she knew what she was talking about! But when we use facial washes and cleansers with alcohol in them, it dries our skin out.

She first recommended CeraVa moisturizer, which works for lots of people, that you can pick up at Walgreens, but it did not work for me AT ALL! I developed big, deep pimples that looked like boils.

Next time I went back to her, she got me off CeraVa and recommended Pharma Clear, which was and still is my lifesaver…or shall I say “skinsaver”! It has done wonders! It moisturizes, takes my redness away, kills bacteria on the skin, and is very thin so my skin still feels like it can breathe (not thick and creamy like CeraVe). It is very runny and basically slides out of the tube (if you squeeze it, tons comes out). I use around 2 tubes a year so it lasts awhile. I hope they never stop making this moisturizer because I’m never switching to anything else unless I’m forced to. I apply this moisturizer twice a day. Once under my makeup in the morning, and then at night after my face is clean.

Pharma Clear moisturizer that my facial expert recommended
Showing the actual moisturizer

After I moisturize my face, I then add special eye cream around my eyes because they get really dry and actual cause my eyes to be irritated and tear up. Ever since I started using Roc 5-in-1 night cream, I’ve had no trouble! It also lightens up my skin and it works instantly with any fine lines like the faint “crows feet” on the ends of my eyes (mine aren’t horrible yet but I do notice something forming). It is a little pricey, but it lasts me a year. (I’ve been using it for 3 years and I’m on my 3rd container).

My Roc restoring cream that lasts me all year

Recently, I picked up a tube of eye cream by L’Or’eal with a metal end which also helps darkness under the eyes since the coolness of the metal brings more blood to the area.  I’ve been getting the darkness under my eyes ever since I took up the job at the gym and have to get up at 4am for my shift, leaving me with usually only getting 3-4 hours of sleep. Anyway, I notice a difference as soon as I put it on! I’m really loving it! I only use this product when I notice some darkness poking through (I don’t use the Roc when I decide to put this on- I choose one or the other so they don’t mix).

My eye cream I use when needed


When you increase the the blood circulation to your skin, it improves wrinkles, tightens up your skin, and heals acne scarring so sometimes, when I have extra time, I use a couple different tools. I don’t use them all the time, but I really like them! They are like my “secret weapons”!

The fastest, simplest tool I use is this small, compact, and battery operated facial vibrating tool. This one is great because it fits right in my makeup bag! I seen it pop up in an Instagram ad and decided to give it a try since the explanation video on their website showed how and why it worked. After I moisturize, I like running it over my forehead, where I’m starting to see some wrinkles, around my eyes, and up my cheeks/neck. At first, the vibration was a weird feeling, but now that I’m used to it, I love it! I can actually see my wrinkles disappear as the blood circulation increases and reaches the area. The results last for days too!

High frequency unit

This next tool is more intense and is the exact product my facial specialist used when treating me. This high frequency unit plugs in and has 3 different levels. This tool also vibrates, like the other one, but it also uses red light to zap facial bacteria and heal scarring. I usually use it if a problem pimple pops up or if a problem area is taking awhile to heal. After a couple “treatments” with this tool, it fades and is gone. It basically speeds up the healing process. It also helps with wrinkles as well! The best part is this one is only around $30 from Amazon. They also come with ONLY the light therapy but you want the one that also vibrates because that is what increases the blood to the skin. (I’ve used light only before and didn’t see any difference). Again, I don’t use this all the time, but it’s worth mentioning since, when I do use it, I use it before bed.


After my face is taken care of, that is when I brush my teeth. I won’t get into detail with this step in my process, but just want to share that I use Sensodyne toothpaste that REALLY works for my sensitive teeth! I get the extra whitening type that also brightens up my teeth. I tried switching toothpaste, but I always go back to this brand because my teeth don’t hurt anymore when I eat cold foods or eat acidic fruits. Love it! You can find this toothpaste at almost any store. As far as flossing, I’m not the best. I only floss like once a week with one of those picks that have a handle. The regular floss makes my finger tip turn purple so I dislike using the old fashioned floss lol



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