PERSONAL: LOVING BEYOND VALENTINE’S DAY (Sharing How I personally show love to others)

My goal is to share love all year around and not just on Valentine’s Day!

I believe that many of us have this goal, but how do we go about loving people? I am going to share some practical ways I’m going to try and love others this year.


If someone asks you for something small, it means so much more when you reach beyond their need. For example, if you know someone likes coffee, you could even go beyond that need and upgrade their coffee or also get them a pastry. If someone is having a bad day, you could give them a hug, which does wonders, but what if you took it a step further and take them to dinner? The more you know the person, the more you will be able to discover their deeper needs. Make KNOWING people a priority in your life so you can love them above and beyond!

It could also be the fact that you notice a need others have before they even have to ask that displays your life for them! I know my mom likes a clean kitchen when she comes home from working the night shift as a nurse. Sometimes I clean and wash the dishes while she’s gone and that makes all the difference! What can you fo to make a difference in someone’s day???


This is probably the easiest one! Everyone likes to be happy and laugh or smile. Be yourself and joke around! Making others laugh and smile actually makes your day so much better! If you arn’t a jokester, no worries. Just smiling throughout the day at others is just as good! This world needs more smiling people! Be one of those people!

In my relationship with Kameron, I told him that it was super important to me that we smile and laugh a lot together and not take life super serious. He makes me laugh all the time and even if he shares corny jokes that may not be overly funny, I appreciate him trying to make me laugh! (It doesn’t take much to make me laugh so he has it easy lol) If you’re married or in a relationship, do you laugh a lot???


Everyone has something beautiful in them! A lot of times I know what I like about someone but dont even think about sharing that with them! Positive words build people up mor than you think! If you’ve ever been complimented, you know it makes you feel loved and noticed! Such a great feeling that we all can’t get enough of! I challenge you to give the next person you see after reading this an encouraging word!

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